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I hate “About Me” pages. But here’s one for: Glenn Magas Dot Com 2.0. This website was initially built with the intent of learning and implementing an SEO strategy for blogs and earning money online through Affiliate Marketing and other online sources. I’ve been transitioning this website and it leads to a new focus: Success, Leadership, Motivation and PURE residual income with an opportunity called Solavei.

If you found this “About Me” page and you’re interested in earning money online as an additional source of income – here’s the honest truth: You can – but it takes a HELL OF A LOT OF TIME – WORK – AND YES – MONEY.

There’s that old adage again – you need money to make money.

I’ve found there is a way to earn money through Affiliate Marketing – and SEO is a huge part of it. But, as someone always ‘looking’ for opportunity, I’ve found one that is both unique and viable and is as organic as it’s gonna get. Which means – you don’t have to spend money in order to make a whole lot of money.

You’ll need to ask me more about it.

I get so many emails from people, and a ton of Spam, you’ll have to email me by clicking this link as it will provide a subject line:

Glenn, let’s talk Solavei!

In brief, I have found a way to earn more money – and TRUE (or PURE) residual income – with a company called Solavei, and it already has proven to be an incredible vehicle of residual income compared to any of my SEO strategies for blogs, Google Adsense, and other affiliate marketing strategies. Yes, I still make that income every month, but Solavei is a whole lot more for doing a whole lot less.

Here’s a direct link to my site:  Solavei: Glenn Magas

Sign my guest book, ask me anything you want, then be part of my team and I’ll show you how to build true residual income.

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