Are you afraid?

Are you afraid?


Are you afraid? Really… ask yourself.

Are you afraid of becoming a leader?

I am. But I get over it really quick.

Let’s back track.

Success, certain goals, talking to people…

If you have an opportunity in your hands, that you know is a viable one, and you sit on your hands and make up excuses on a daily basis on why you don’t stand up and take your hands out from out of you, you may have a problem!

But it’s a problem easily fixed.

If you are hearing yourself say, “I’m just not that kind of person.”  Or anything similar, yet you know you have to ‘be’ that kind of person read this quote:

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them.” — Jim Rohn

If you set a goal of Cliff Diving before you are 40… then you better be that person who can cliff dive before you are 40. If you are afraid of heights, you need to overcome that fear.  If your financial goal in a network marketing business is: “Earn $2000 month residual” you look at how to achieve that goal, set a time frame, and get over your ego, fears, and personal obstacles to achieve it.

Fear is a natural part of who we are! Recognize it. Then…


You aren’t Columbus, Magellan, Neil Armstrong and you aren’t exploring the world, stepping out there and risking everything – your life – to achieve financial success. You are, however, a person who needs to be brave, courageous, and a born leader.


One of my favorite books on Leadership is written by Myles Monroe.  It’s called, Becoming A Leader

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Here’s the description of the book:

Within each of us lies the potential to be an effective leader. This book uncovers the secrets of dynamic leadership that will turn your leadership potential into a potent reality. To become a front-runner you must successfully overcome the striving, strains and struggles that can become barriers to your effectiveness as a leader. You will be encouraged, provoked and stimulated as “leadership-power” is literally activated within you through the pages of this book.Becoming a Leader will help you to uncover principles that will enable you to lead others wisely; develop the tactfulness that generates the response and respect of those you are leading, and enhance the natural leadership qualities lying dormant within you.

Life gets in your way – upbringing, fears, insecurities, education, work… and the ‘leader in you gets buried, and year after year, is further away from you than you would like it to be.

How can you pull the leadership skills out of you?  Start by making BOLD MOVES!

Now, what’s a bold move?

First, you set goal; achievable goals with a timeframe. Then make the first move to achieve your goals. Guess what, the first bold move you did was to…


Next is to follow the plan in order to achieve them! Now that’s bolder than anything you’ve done before; because you are now changing your attitude and getting out of the so-called comfort zone and being bold.

Here’s the goal setting template I highly recommend: “Goals on Track

Now, here’s a weird one… It’s the one that everyone has to do to achieve network marketing or MLM success.  That’s what we are talking about here right? Okay…

Part of success is to forgive people for what they’ve done to you.


Bad things happen to you, people may have treated you poorly, and its so easy to just hang on to that pain and blame ‘them’ for how you feel RIGHT NOW.

Guess what, you’re hanging on to something that is holding you back on stepping forward. As you take upon more weight on your shoulders, both figuratively and literally, it is harder and harder for you to move forward.

Then you’re stuck.

So take the first part and forgive who ever you need to forgive then… that’s the most important step!



Don’t be afrid of being a leader!

Yes, step up to the plate. You will NEVER EVER SUCCEED unless you take the bat and swing at the ball. Yes, that’s stepping up to the plate.

You might get a hit, you might get a walk, you might strike out – but you’ll never know what will happen if you’re still in the dugout sitting on your hands.

Just by stepping up to the plate AFTER sitting on your hands, exudes leadership qualities which can be contagious.

As the old Nike Slogan suggests – Just Do It!

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