Wish you were Better!

Wish you were Better!

Don’t be the same, be Better!

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” – Jim Rohn


I had a recent conversation with someone struggling with a very serious issue.

It was my 9 year old daughter (Isabella) who was trying to learn a ‘different’ way of doing a math problem.

Her Kumon Tutoring Center was teaching her one way, while she was doing it another way at school. She was very frustrated and quite upset:

Isabella: Why do they have to make it so hard? It’s easier the other way! I can’t do it this way.

My reply: Then Don’t Do it.

(This is different for me – The word “I can’t” is a word you don’t hear very often in our household. But this time I took a different approach to her “I can’t” complaints.)

Isabella: But they’ll get mad at me.

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Me: Then do it.

Isabella: But it’s too hard and I can’t.

Me: Then don’t do it.

Isabella: But I have to.

Me: Well, if you do it, then you’ll get better at it, and by next week it won’t be hard anymore. But if you think it’s too hard – and you can’t do it – then don’t do it… Just Quit.

(Yeah – I’m sure it was a shock to her to hear her ‘don’t quit attitude dad’ tell her not to do something…)

She whispered something under her breath….

Isabella: I’ll do it.

Whew… if it went the other way I would have been doomed. But honestly – I’ve already laid the ground work about quitting and saying ‘I can’t’.

Things in life may be hard.

We can wish all along to make it easier.

Stop wishing. Be better.

A week later – Isabella’s math problems weren’t hard anymore. She became better.

If you are struggling, take a look at what you wish was easier.

Then… improve yourself and Be Better.

If you need help – ask someone – ask me! :)

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