Talk to Strangers by David Topus


Talk to Strangers by David Topus

You can Turn Everyday Encounters into Profitable, Productive Relationships

talk-to-strangersI’ll share you two extremely quick stories from my personal life.

Back in 1993 I decided to talk to a stranger. In 1998 I married her.

Back in 1992 I decided to talk to a stranger. He became one of my closest friends whom I talk to nearly every single day. He has taught me about leadership, self improvement, being humble, and trusting God. He also took a leap of faith with me when I said I have ‘something’ you need to see, he saw it, and built 70+ connections which has currently become the strongest part of my Networking Business in 4 short months.

If I never talked to Donna, I wouldn’t have a beautiful, supportive wife, and 3 incredible kids.

If I never talked to Cosmo, I wouldn’t have that ‘go-to’ buddy for leadership, success, and personal improvement talks and would not have the level of income my networking company has given me based on his trust and work. I also would have never become a Magician Member of the World Famous Magic Castle.

From the moment you walk out your door, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you – if you know how to tap it. Most people look past these opportunities. These are the people who make excuses for their lack of success.

If you are struggling with building your network, strengthening your circle of influence, or getting out of your own way to become more than who you are – talking to strangers may be exactly what you need.

Please read this book. I made it easy on you to purchase – just click on the book and purchase it from Amazon today.

Start reading it as soon as you can.

Introducing a High-Energy Interactive Keynote Presentation & Workshop, based on David Topus’s book Talk to Strangers.

With this unique interactive, educational and entertaining approach to networking, you will learn how to turn random, everyday encounters into profitable business relationships using proven principles and techniques.

You will Discover…

  • Why there is opportunity for you wherever you go
  • New places to connect and build your pipeline
  • The four beliefs of successful random connectors
  • Opening statements that lead to productive conversations
  • Techniques for creating comfort and trust quickly
  • Ways to create high perceived value for yourself and what you offer
  • How to optimize and monetize your newly-established contacts

A fresh, active and full pipeline is the key to business success. “Talk to Strangers” shows how everyday random encounters can expand your life in ways you never could have predicted. Learn how to go beyond online contacts and establish relationship-rich, in-person connections through random, everyday interactions that hold unlimited potential to supercharge your business, accelerate your career and enrich your life.



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