Is iLA going to go Viral?

Is iLA going to go Viral?



Here’s another No-Brainer for you!

An app that allows you to LEARN & EARN!

Yes – Goals, Self Improvement, Motivation… I have apps like Eat that Frog (Brian Tracy), The Habit Factor… I subscribe to John Maxwell’s education materials, and I use Goals On Track online to keep my life straight.

Everytime I need to find a motivational quote or video, I search the Internet.

Here’s an app that solves alot of those – and keeps YOU, Me, and everyone who uses it, inspired, and educated!

It’s called: iLA

Go to  This is something else I’m doing. It is easy ($9.95 a month) and it is something fun. Give me your thoughts. First mover’s advantage! AND… free enrollment today (Before Feb 1).

It’s first of it’s kind – combining mobile App technology with the opportunity for subscribers to earn money.

Compensation is based on a “3×7 FORCED MATRIX” that could produce hundreds or thousands of dollars a month from the App distribution.

If you go: and clock on compensation tab – you’ll see how it works and it’s pretty much a NO-Brainer (like Solavei).

It’s as simple as subscribing to iLA, referring people to do the same – learn something new, and getting paid for it!



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