Goal Setting Template for 2013

Goal Setting Template for 2013

 What are Goals?

GoalsOnTrackDo you write down your goals? You better!  I learned from a leadership group that blue 3×5 index cards are the best colored cards for writing down goals; With a blue pen. Why? I don’t know – but this is what my Achievement Specialist partner told me after years of leadership training and seminars: that it is best to write down your goals on blue index cards with blue ink…

So… If I tell you to – I’m going to continue to do it! Practice what you preach right?

“Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.” Brian Tracy

There are also other means to do goal setting templates: There is one web based tool that I’m interested in simply because if its web based, it will be accessible from anywhere at anytime. From my iPhone, iPod, library computer, my sister’s house, etc.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” Earl Nightingale

If you are looking for a goal setting template or tool this is what I recommend:

click here: “Goals on Track

This could be what you, me, or whoever needs something more organized outside of their calendar or task list on their phone, can use!

Now back to the question – what are goals?

A goal, in personal achievement and in a goal setting program is: The end result that you are attempting to achieve. It is the specific objective that a person or system intends to achieve.

So lets break that down a little…

A goal is a program with an end result! It is specific, and it is not meant to just sit there looking pretty, it is meant to be achieved! Hey, that’s what we do here! We have a goal setting program that will get you to an end result!

For instance – I had this on my task list this past week:  Create another blog:

Within that one Goal there were several specific tasks/goals:
1. Add Google Adsense for revenue.
2. Signup for Kontera Text Link Ads.
3. Activate important plugins for the blog.
4. Write a couple of blogs to get it started.
5. Tweet the blog link to get hits to the site.

Here is the blog: “AchievementSpecialistGroup.com

My goals were specific. And Sunday, I accomplished everything on that list… It is live and it caters to Success and Improvement in building a network of connections specifically catered to a Solavei member.

Here is the funny thing about goals – it creates opportunities and discovery to create new goals. Basically, doors open and its up to you to walk in.

So here’s what happened.

After accomplishing all of the above, I started to check some of my accounts to see what was going on. I hadn’t checked these accounts in a while because I felt they weren’t worth my while… but let me tell you – I just found income in one of my ‘not worth my while’ accounts! Now – I need to make it a little worth my while. Visit: iCreateiListeniPlay.com to see what I’m talking about. I haven’t updated it in a long time and it’s generating some income!

The reason I checked is because I was on a roll. I was back to doing what I set out this year – Build Additional Income Streams. And guess what, some of the little affiliate marketing I did has paid off – but better yet – building a network with Solavei has proven alot more worth while than any Internet/Affiliate Marketing I have done in the past. (More info: Solavei – Founding Member Glenn Magas)

And there was a reason I set some goals for this past weekend… Because these tasks weighed on my shoulders for a long time – and now they are done and I don’t have to think about it anymore.

The point of all this – I had goals I intended to achieve – and they were very specific.

“I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacation with better care than they do their lives.Perhaps that is because escape is easier than change.” Jim Rohn

The end result – to accomplish what is intended to achieve.

“There is no achievement without goals.” Robert J. McKaine

That being said, you need to write down your goals. From small to large. From short to long. Write them down on a blue index card with blue ink!

The goal setting template, or web based tool will help you write down your intended accomplishment.

Don’t wait – start today!

Start by Clicking Here! and get the online tool you’ll need for 2013.


“This is a great service! I gave up on finding an online task manager that would map tasks to goals or projects. Then yesterday I stumbled across this! Great stuff.” – Asif R.

“I am excited. It is a very good implementation of ‘Getting Things Done’.” – Andre C.

“Nice job. I like the clean look and feel and that it focuses on only what is important. Thanks.” – Mitsu F.

“The most effective goal setting system in my opinion is one that gives you a place to write out a goal and then have sub-goals and then a list of action items that can be sorted according to date. With a feature like this you will be able to check off what was done and what is overdue. I found all of these features to be available in “GoalsonTrack” and it even warns you of the goals you’ve been slacking on…” – Afzar N.

“I’m really impressed with the Goal’s Vision Board, it is really igniting…Thank you for each moment you spent to aid humanity to attain prosperity and abundance.” – Abdullah

“… if you want to know my opinion, I can say that so far I haven’t found a better PIM application, which would have several important items for me such as: tracking habits, the integration of goals, to-do list and calendar.” – Micheal O.

“Let me first say that I really appreciate this tool. It is helping me to write down all my goals in one place where I can see them all at once and their associated tasks as opposed to being written to several pieces of paper.” – Ame K.

“I really like what you guys have done, I have accomplished more things with a visual progress/process that really keeps me in line with what i decide to develop with my life. This software has had a profound statement in guiding me to accomplish Any Dream in my life!” – Kendol M.

“I am truly impassioned about your success as it is directly impacting mine.” – Chris H.

“Nice product … I truly think this goal tracker is going to help me move forward. I especially like the daily prompt of the progress/task e-mail.” – Richard P.

“GoalsOnTrack is a really good site than many websites as it reminds me every day and pushes me more than my boss.” – Muhammad F.

“Really nice work… You must have done lots of good work there, congrats.” – Jozef M.

“I will surely recommend your site to others” – Marc D.

“It’s a pleasure working with this online goal tracker again.” – Bert F.

“I am currently work with GoalsOnTrack on a daily basis. I like new GUI and the overall improvements of the software very much.” – Andre C.

“…really great job on it. I like how well it’s been laid out…” – Kyle N.

“…comprehensive in its approach to managing tasks and tracking goals” – Joe L.

“I think your site is wonderful and will make much use of it in the coming year.” – Nikia K.

Don’t wait till 2014!!! Write down your goals on those blue cards or…

Start by Clicking Here to get Goal Tracker – the perfect Goal Setting Template!

Thanks for reading!

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