What Happened to Glenn?

What Happened to Glenn?

On Blogging:

I revamped and started a whole new Blog focus. Why? Well… I like to write. And another motivating factor is – I get a check in the mail when i least expect it! It’s hard to walk away from the extra income that each blog creates- even when I don’t update them that much. But the more I update – the more the extra income grows. The problem is – there isn’t alot of money in affiliate marketing and blog monetization unless you spend alot of time (and money) to grow it – despite what all the expert “Pro-Bloggers” say. It’s just NOT that easy. Yes – it’s a simple thing for those who have the time and effort – but not that easy. I’ve built a little income from it but found what Mark Zuckerberg knew along time ago – Social Media is where it’s at (more on that later)!

So here are the blogs that I’ve brought up to date – along with a brand new one!
iCreate iListen iPlay 2.0 (http://www.icreateilisteniplay.com)
GlennMagasDotCom 2.0 (http://www.glennmagas.com)

All New:
DadWithAPen (http://www.dadwithapen.com/home)
There are a few others out there but for the most part – these are what I’m focusing on right now.
On Social Media: (here’s what I’m talking about!!!)
On September 21st 2012 a company called Solavei launched. In less than 90 days it grew to over 100,000 members. They used the Facebook form of advertising – word of mouth – and it spread through – you guessed it… SOCIAL MEDIA (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, emails, blogs, etc.)
I’m a founding member of Solavei.  And today – I am looking for a team of 15 leaders (not 12, not 10, not 25)… but 15 leaders who want to duplicate my efforts and experience what I’ve experienced since September 21, 2012. It’s pretty remarkable to tell you the truth. And let’s face it: The challenge in life is to improve yourself daily – that’s why GlennMagasDotCom 2.0 focuses on Leadership, Success, and Motivation.
Team up with me and take up the challenge to become a leader, achieve success, and motivate others to do the same. It’s easy to get started: Visit www.solavei.com/GlennMagas and click Enroll and you’re part of the team – just like that. Then expect to work towards success while working with me – and not alone!
After you enroll (or before) email me and we can talk on the phone, text, or email. I support all my team members and will fill you in on exactly what you have to do!  Email: GlennMagas@glennmagas.com
On Life in General:
Life is great. I got to Snowboard at Mountain High and Mammoth Mountain this January 2013. I know 2013 is going to be great. It already started off great – but as the months pass – it gets better. Every year seems to be better than the last. Here’s why:Because every new year we need to learn to live life with no regrets and embrace opportunities as they knock on the door with renewed energy. If you don’t – you’ll look back and say – why didn’t I do this that and the other thing – regret. Step up to the plate – your life depends on it.
Hope you decide to stick around… if not… feel free to unsubscribe. But you may regret it.

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