Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit! Are you a quitter?

As a father and little league coach, friend, and teacher, I have witnessed a habit that is contagious to all those around: Quitting! So here’s the message: Don’t Quit!

Once a kid ‘quits’ on a team because they are doing poorly in a little league game, all the kids start to quit. Once a friend quits on something that gets too hard or frustrating, they tend to form a habit on quitting on everything that gets too hard or frustrating and if other friends are around – it rubs off on them. Others also quit when they don’t get their way – and this habit takes over their entire life!

Here’s a quote to think about:

“Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.” Vince Lombardi

From Vince Lombardi – one of the most respected football coaches ever!

Don’t be a quitter. Seriously. Learn to win, even if they are tiny little wins you achieve on a daily basis!

Back when I was an actor, the acting studio I belonged to had a dry erase board with a bunch of “WINS”.

If a student/actor got an audition – they were added on the board with a “WIN”.

If they got a role – another “WIN”.

Win – win – win.

Even the small stuff.

Why? Because this leads to a positive attitude – one that combats a very contagious attitude – quitting and negativity.

Every day you should find wins – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

How? By listing out daily tasks to accomplish. 1 – 5. All you need are five tasks to accomplish during the day and you’ll have 5 wins!

Begin your day by listing these tasks and get started on them. Don’t quit – and if you can’t accomplish one task – get it done the next day – but you would have accomplished 4 of them.

That’s 4 wins!

Here’s a video that might keep you going – even when you feel you have to quit.

Don’t Quit!

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