Running & Reading

Running & Reading

Expand Your Mind


It’s always a struggle to ‘keep up’ so to speak. In my case, I have battles every day with staying fit, staying motivated, and stimulating my brain.

I run into brick walls constantly.

But there’s a reason it’s a brick wall and not a thin sheet of paper.

It’s there for a reason: those who get past it are those that want it badly enough.

“Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one’s liberty.” Henri Frederic Amiel

I learned how to clean, tune up, and fix a tire on my mountain bike and have used that as motivation to get my heart pumping by going for a ride. I bought a sketch pad yesterday so I can be more proactive
with my doodling and sketching to work other parts of my brain I don’t get to work out on a daily basis. I get distracted when i read, rarely do I finish a book I start before starting another – but I am making it a habit to read more books to improve myself on a daily basis.

Do you want to form habits to continue to break through brick walls? Two things that you should do – stimulate your body: that’s exercise, and improve your brain – read.

As Will Smith says:

“Running & Reading are keys to Life” Will Smith

When it comes to Solavei there’s something in the back of your head that tells you: I’ll do it tomorrow. OR I can’t do it at all. Saying you’ll do it tomorrow is really saying – you can’t do it at all.

I have continually impressed upon my children the words that kill – “I CAN’T”.

These words are called “failure reinforcement” words. You need to form habits that DEFEAT Failure Reinforcement.

Running helps you learn how to not give you. Reading helps you solve problems. DO NOT dwell on problems. Focus on the solution. Reading is the key to stimulate your brain to do those things.

Here’s a short video that might inspire you to get off your butt and run and improve your brain and read.

Running – will teach you how to NOT QUIT when things get hard in your life.
Reading – will teach you there is always a solution to a problem.

Share with your kids!

Hope you enjoyed that!

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