GoToMeeting by Citrix Online (iPhone iPad App)

GoToMeeting by Citrix Online (iPhone iPad App)

If you are on the go – and most successful people are – and you can’t just sit down and find a spot to open up your laptop and join a meeting online, well, pull out the iPad or use your iPhone and use the GoToMeeting App by Citrix Online!

Here’s the best part – its a free download from the app store!

To get it go here: GoToMeeting App

It’s simple: Open it on your iPhone, enter the Metting ID… and join the meeting!

Being efficient and accomplishing, as I like to say: More while doing Less is key to a successful life! Add the app to one of your daily tasks today! And speaking of tasks: SETTING GOALS IS KEY TO SUCCESS!

Read about setting goals here:  Goals On Track – the perfect Goal Setting Tool!

I have a long list of ‘tasks’ to-do today. And one of those is an Online meeting that puts me somewhere either on the 101 free from Tarzana to Glendale, or the 134 freeway from Glendale to Monrovia, CA. Here’s the problem – I have a meeting scheduled at 6PM and am really unsure if I will be able to pull over, find a wifi hotspot, and join the meeting on my Laptop.

But I do know – I can definately join the meeting no matter where I am because I have my iPhone with me!

One of my “Goals” for today is to STOP WHAT I’M DOING and Join the meeting!

I review goals daily online – so where ever I am I know what I need to accomplish in order to accomplish the bigger picture.

You can too!

Start by Clicking Here to get back on Track and learn how to set goals!

Here’s what I want to impress upon people: Fill your life with tasks and goals in order to get through the day feeling the success from accomplishing just a small task! Every task you accomplish: if its written down – is success. Imagine piling a whole bunch of these weekly, monthly, yearly… you’ll have a lifelong of successes that you can look back to! Trust me – its an amazing feeling.

Set goals now! Don’t miss a meeting… set goals… and get off the freeway and slow things down!

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