How to reset your Polar FT80 HRM

How to reset your Polar FT80 HRM

I just received my Polar FT80 HRM. I wanted to do some testing on the watch: run the Fitness test, relaxation test, and things of that nature. So I did. I also wanted to see how the Polar FT80 HRM calculated Maximum HR. Well, apparently it uses Dr. William Haskell’s formula of 220-age as the default setting. According to this formula, my MHR is 176 bpm. On a side note, this calculation has always been way off for me. At the best conditioning of my life, my Maximum HR was 205 bpm. This was about 5 years ago. Using Haskell’s formula suggested my MHR was 181 at that time. I determined my Max HR with an all out run and it was consistent every time I ran at that CV level. 205. Yes, we are 5 years removed and I am just getting back to that level of training and beyond, so I need to find my MHR in order to set THR for future training. Here are my HR Zones in 2006 when I was 39 (recorded with a Garmin 305 HRM):

Run 2006-09-06 HR/Pace Cumulative Time
ZONE 1 – Recovery 123 – 158 3h 17m 38s
ZONE 2 – Extensive Endurance 159 – 169 4h 37m 01s
ZONE 3 – Intensive Endurance 170 – 177 6h 43m 57s
ZONE 4 – Sub-Threshold 179 – 185 8h 05m 56s
ZONE 5a – SuperThreshold 186 – 190 9h 04m 59s
ZONE 5b – Anaerobic Endurance 191 – 196 2h 56m 01s
ZONE 5c – Power 197 – 206 28m 49s

The Haskell formula was approximately 13% off for me by 24 bpm. According to NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association), “there is a large range of error with this formula. Approximately 2/3 of the population will have maximum heart rates that are within 10 bpm.1/3 of the population will have maximum heart rates more than ±10 bpm (in fact, 5% of the population will by off by more than 20 bpm!).” That being said, I am 5 years removed from this chart so I need to re-find my MHR in order to create training zones that are more efficient.

But, back to..

How to Reset your Polar FT80 HRM

After I played around with my new HRM, I decided to reset it to factory settings. I found it a little difficult to find out how, but discovered it on the Polar Forums: and even then it took a while to find the process. The thread is here: (

If that thread ever gets lost, you can follow these directions with the caveat: Do it at your own risk!

If you found this article, you can get right down to it: You can ‘soft reset’ your Polar FT80 which will save all your data except for the time and date.

So, before you Factory Reset, you need to do a Soft Reset:
UL: Upper Left Button
BL: Bottom Left Button
UR: Upper Right Button
BR: Bottom Right Button
MR: Middle Right Button

How to Soft Reset your Polar FT80 HRM:

Hold the 4-corner buttons down simultaneously for 4 seconds.


The watch should appear asleep – press a button to wake it up and the setting menu will come up. Your Polar FT80 has just went through a soft reset.

Press the BL and it will ask you to choose the Language for your watch.

Next: proceed to do a Factory Reset of your Polar FT80 HRM

Now you have to get into the System Menu: In this order, you need to press one at a time:

BL – UR – UR

You may have to do this a few times because you have to do it quickly. Once you are able to accomplish this you will leave the Language setup and you will be in the Service Menu. You will see the firmware version of your Polar FT80.

Here’s where you can do a Hard or Factory Reset of your Polar FT80 HRM.

Press: BR

Then: BR again and it will ask to “RSET”

Press: MR in order to confirm the reset.

You just did a Factory Reset of your HRM!

Once done, push BL and your watch will restart and you can proceed to enter all your basic settings.

And that’s it: The only hard part is getting to the System Menu because you have to be fast with the buttons!

Hope that helps!

Enjoy your HR Training!

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