Goals and Success – 5 things you should ‘list’

Goals and Success – 5 things you should ‘list’

Goals and Success are directly related to a written list. No, not the one in your head, the one that is ‘literally’ written down as a task list. If it’s in your head, it’s just an idea fading away.

Task lists, whether its a daily ‘to-do’ list which includes grocery shopping and/or an hour at the gym, a list will help you get things done. Getting things done is how to succeed in anything in life.

Here are 5 things you should create lists for in order to achieve goals and succeed.

1. Getting better Grades in college
2. Personal Health & Fitness
3. Daily Chores
4. Work “To-Do’s”
5. Personal Time

Each of these ‘listable’ things will create more balance in your life and help you achieve goals which, in turn, will make you more confident and create a habit of accomplishment!

1. Getting Better Grades in College

Do you want better grades? Make a list! Create a daily study appointment. Don’t make it a haphazard study period, not knowing what to study when you get to the library, and just ‘winging it’.

Example of a 4 hour study session:

1st hour: Statistics- understand a specific concepts.
2nd hour: Literature- comprehend and learn to ‘like’ your project
15 minute break
3rd hour: Science – Memory exercises
4th Hour: 15 minute review of all 3 subjects starting with 1st subject.

This routine will give you a specific time frame (without pressure) to accomplish a goal. This habit of creating a ‘written’ study list will keep you on track on a daily basis. Accomplishing the goals you set out (the list), will create a habit of success throughout your college life!

2. Personal Health & Fitness

If you aren’t crossing things off a personal health and fitness list, you aren’t getting healthy or fit! If you create list on personal health and fitness goals, you are well on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

So what should you do? Create a time frame – much like a study list with specific hours of study, you need to create time goals.

It could be like: Lose 5 lbs by April 15 (4 weeks).  And within that goal you create a list.

-Buy health related food for the week to establish daily consumption of no more than a recommend calorie count a day.
-3 hours of cardiovascular workouts at a ‘fat-burning’ heart rate every week for 4 weeks.
-Drink eight 8-ounces of water a day.
-Work on a different ‘core’ exercise every day for 4 weeks.

3. Daily Chores

Your daily chores, believe it or not, are the tasks you actually need to succeed on in order to have a successful life. The most successful people do not let the daily chores go by the wayside, only to pick up on them later due to procrastination.

If you want to include a nap in your day, that nap should not conflict with the list you set for that day. Each daily task or chore needs to be accomplished, needs to be done at a specific time, and needs to be ‘stuck to’ as much as possible. “Playing it by ear” on a daily basis leads to daily failures. These failures, much like successes, are habit forming – and are incredibly hard to break!

4. Work “To-Do’s”

Do you have a stack of paper on your desk that needs to be filed? Do you have 50 emails that are turning into 100 that you need to review? Do you have 5 things your boss asked for but you don’t know where to start?

It’s simple: create a list, put the easiest one on top, and start knocking them off your list.

If you put the easiest task on top, it will create momentum of success, a daily momentum you will need to get through the day in order to accomplish all your goals! Once you get the feeling of success, the next task becomes easier and easier, and by the time you get to the most difficult task on your list, it’s not that much difficult because the other tasks aren’t looming and weighing you down!

5. Personal Time

Do you have a day off to do ‘nothing’ but relax? Well, you will get the best relaxation time if you make sure to create a list! If you don’t, you’ll find your day gone and you’ll say to yourself, “I didn’t even get to do (fill in the blank)”. How many times has that happened?

If it’s a day at the spa, an hour in front of the TV, reading a book, taking a nap, create a list of all the things you want to do during your personal time, and get them done! This is not added pressure at it may seem; it is added relaxation knowing that your head is clear because you are getting whatever it is you want done on your day of personal time!

Create habits that lead to daily success! These habits will lead to bigger accomplishments for your bigger goals! If you follow one or more of the above suggestions on a daily basis, you will accomplish more, feel more confident, and have a full, success oriented lifestyle!

Start Listing your Goals using this Incredible Tool: “Goals on Track

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