New iPhone 4s delivery a success

New iPhone 4s delivery – success

Activating the iPhone 4s – Fail!

Guess what I received at 10am on Friday, October 14, 2011? The new iPhone 4s. While people were waiting in lines for their iPhone, and struggling to get their iPhone 4s activated, the iPhone 4s arrived at my front door while I had a cup of coffee in my hand.

Working from home had a two-fold reason: one to get some stuff done during lunch and two, to be there to receive my iPhone 4s.

If you’ve owned an iPhone you will understand the incredible pleasure of opening up the iPhone box to see a sleek electronic device that literally makes you drool. Yes, literally! And unlike past packages, this iPhone isn’t falling out of the box and onto the ground like a previous release way back when.

So, as current iPhone users are used to, seeing the iPhone come out of the box is a sight for drooling eyes. Yes, I drooled from my eyes too! That being said, I took a couple of pictures with my OLD iPhone 4 and got ready for some activation!

Here’s the slam on AT&T… First, I have to preface this by saying: I have no problems with AT&T coverage, costs of coverage, and connectivity issues. Even with the iPhone 4’s antennae issue. That being said… AT&T fails when it comes to servers failing when we need them most. Like iPhone 4s Friday!

Fail – Activating the iPhone 4s was not a pain, but a painful wait. Every few minutes of trying turned to every 15-30 minutes of trying. Now it doesn’t take much effort, just plug it in and let iTunes do all the work. Well, I tried that. And then I also tried the new activation process of using WiFi or Cellular in order to activate the iPhone 4s! Luck… NONE!

To make a long story short… I signed for the iPhone 4s at 10AM… It was finally activated at 4PM on Friday afternoon!

There’s a little more to the story…

I was over joyed and excited.

The best part of it all: syncing the iPhone 4s was quick and easy. Seriously! It completely mimicked my iPhone 4 setup and everything was exactly where I had it!

Games like Tiny Tower, Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends were exactly as I left them, and Social Networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, and HootSuite were all setup and ready to go!

The only ‘task’ was email. You have to re-enter your passwords and if you have several accounts, this can be tedious. I suggest after you enter your passwords, turn your phone on and off and everything will be good. Or else, you might keep getting messages that you can’t retrieve messages.

The iPhone 4s is an awesome piece of hardware. iOS 5 is, from what I’ve experienced thus far: a great upgrade! I expect there to be some glitches here and there and a few were: Twitter was not loading and I came across a few games that were not loading either. I deleted them and re-downloaded them and everything worked fine (so far).

So, to recap this monumental day… The New iPhone 4s is awesome. iOS5 is a great upgrade. I’m still working on Siri and can’t wait to let Siri ‘assist me’. Internet and download speed – noticeable upgrade from the iPhone 4!

I love the new iPhone 4s!

Stay tuned for more adventures with my iPhone 4s and the camera features!

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