iPhone 5 release date? October 15?

iPhone 5 release Date!

Could it be true? A late 2011 release date for a new iPhone 5? I can’t wait! 18 months after the iPhone 4 made its debut to record sales, could an iPhone 5 shatter that mark?

From what I’ve heard…

The iPhone 5 will have a unibody – like my MacBook Pro! And this should relieve those cracks in the back you see so often on your iPhone4!

I was a little disapointed with the iPhone 4’s MP and believed it should match print quality photographs like the digital cameras of, at least, the early 2000’s… And now with an 8mp / 1080p camera, I think the iPhone is finally a ligit contender when it comes to quality photographs!

It’s funny though, most people who own an iPhone 4 have no idea how to use their iPhone 4’s camera to its fullest for 1) better pictures and 2) composition! Which reminds me, I need to write about the iPhone 4 and how to take pictures. But maybe I’ll wait on the iPhone 5 for that article.

Next up: iPhone’s new iOS5!  I have yet to be disappointed with an iPhone upgrade, and have always jumped the gun on every iPhone iOS and was so happy that during my vacation at Disney World that I was able to upgrade to iOS4 and use tethering (My Personal Hotspot)  instead of paying close to $10 a day on internet service. Stupid resorts should offer that for free! Related article: “Using My Personal Hotspot

So, the iPhone 5 release date is coming upon  us. The biggest question for me is: Do I preorder? Or just walk in and get it?

The next question… Who gets my iPhone 4?

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