Tiny Tower Tips

Tiny Tower Tips

If you’re one of those who have got caught in the Tiny Tower addiction…

here are some helpful tips…

Tiny Tower Tip #1 Save Your Bux!

For the new players out there who have only a few floors built, save 50 bux!  Saving 50 bux is relatively fast when you have a few floors because your elevator trips will be shorter which means a better chance at getting tipped! Make sure your resident floors are filled so that when you do bring a guest to a floor you’ll get tipped rather than filled. It will also be easier to ‘find’ Bitizens which earns you bux! When you have 50 bux, buy 100,000 coins and you can build floors faster. (Later it’s a good idea to keep one room open but right now earning bux is key).

If you have 5 floors built while you saved for 50 bux, the 100,000 coins you will purchase will allow you to build floors 6-12 right off the bat! That’s 7 bux earned for each floor built! So that’s a nice reward for building 7 floors all at once!

So how do you know how much floors will cost? Well, that leads us to Tip #2.

Tiny Tower Tip #2 Know What each Floor Costs

As you build floors, it’s good to know what the next floors will cost. (See my strategy below on building floors!)

So here’s a formula for you:

[price of the previous floor] * [1 + ([Floor number x 2] – 1) / ([previous floor number]^2)]

You probably don’t remember what the previous floor costs so I’ll let you get a spreadsheet and use this formula based on the cost of floor #2 (the 1st floor after the lobby).

Floor #2 cost 600 coins.

Based on that formula, floor #10 will cost 15,000 coins. #20 will cost 60,000.

Look at Tip #1. I know that if you buy the 100,000 coins with your 50 bux and have 5 floors built, it will cost: 89,250 coins to build floors 6-12.

This is just good planning!

Tiny Tower Tip #3 How long does it take to build a floor?

Simple: Each floor takes 30 minutes more than the last floor. So if Floor #2 takes 30 minutes to build, Floor #3 will take an hour. Floor 69 takes 34 hours or as the game will display: 1D 10H.

Tiny Tower Tip #4 Dream Jobs earn Bux!

They call it ‘farming’. Who cares. But don’t evict a Bitizen who has a dream job where the dream jobs are already filled for that business. Make one Dream Jobber jobless then assign that job to the new Bitizen. You’ll earn 2 bux! Evict the Bitizen with the lower skill for that Dream Job.

Now, if you just started Tiny Tower you’ll notice that you earn 2 bux. You USED TO EARN 3 bux. Then you used to earn just 1 bux (with a previous app update) – because people were doing what my tip suggested you to do (farming). 2 bux is way better than 1 that’s for sure. Farm all you want – it’s a great way to build your bux bank!

Tiny Tower Tip #5 Upgrade your elevators!

Forget the speeding up inventory process. Forget filling your residents with Bitizens… at least for now. Plus you have VIPs to fill floors so save your bux for faster elevators! Elevator upgrades are 25 bux, 75 bux, 125 bux!

As your Tiny Tower grows, your life will be better with a faster elevator! Trust me – a faster elevator means faster game play, which means a faster way to earn more bux!

Bux are key. Don’t forget it but also DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP OF BUYING BUX! Eventually, $5 spent on this game is not worth it.

Okay, that’s 5 quick Tiny Tower Tips that will let your game work for you. Now on to a few strategies and game play:

BE FLOOR SELECTIVE: Be choosey about the floors you build! Save Bitizens with dream jobs with the floor YOU WANT like Martial Arts Studio. Then build 5 of the same type of floors at once, like SERVICE. You’ll have a better chance getting that Martial Arts Studio and if you don’t, you’ll most likely have at least one floor you want to keep and demolish the other floors and build 5 more of the same floors like FOOD… and hold off for SCOOPS or whatever you want. Be selective on your floors in your tower!

ONLY KEEP DREAM JOBBERS: Have a goal to fill your jobs with dream jobbers. But save potential dream jobbers for floors you are TRYING to build! As I write this I have 65 floors build on my iPhone (I also have a tower on my iPad). I have 111 jobs and 111 Dream Jobs! I am currently building floors 66-70 as CREATIVE floors and saving Bitzens for a Recording Studio or Soda Brewery.

BE AT 100% DREAM JOBS BEFORE BUILDING THE NEXT SET OF 5 FLOORS: Just to keep your game interesting, keep saving up coins and bux while filling residents with Bitzens and evicting them if they do not have a dream job for the business you already have. This is a great way of earning bux as you will fill your business with dream jobbers, but will always get another one to take that Bitzen’s place to earn bux. By saving your coins and keep your Tower at a certain level, you can build more floors all at once. I like to build floors in increments of 5.

That just a few tips and strategies I use. Feel free to add your strategy on the comments or ask any questions if you have any!

Thanks for reading!

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