See Jacob in another role: Sibling Foster Care

See Jacob in another role: Sibling Foster Care

Okay, its up and running. Seems like I can start making a collection of Jacob and his roles in bit parts, movies, PSA’s, music videos, etc. Oh, yeah, its called a “reel”. But here is his latest role so far… and more to follow.

He had 2 auditions for today, one he couldn’t make due to a baseball game, but the other he was rushed to Hollywood for the audition. This, after being sick Thursday night and a headache while in a playoff game on a Friday, and followed by a day game today – a Night – Day game. Wow.

Today’s audition was for a SAG eligible short film @ $100 a day. Not bad.

The PSA that you can watch here was shot a couple of months ago. I was kinda impressed by his performance. He looked, well, like a foster kid! LOL

Yes, its a little short, but he received really good camera time towards the end of the PSA.

The little girl who played his sister in the PSA looked like they could be siblings.

Here’s a little info on Sibling Foster Care from
One of the most critical contributions that child welfare professionals can provide for children who enter care is to preserve their connections with their brothers and sisters. Children who come into foster care or are adopted often are separated from existing or future siblings. Approximately 70 percent of children in foster care in the United States have another sibling also in care (Shlonsky, Elkins, Bellamy, & Ashare, 2005). For a variety of reasons, many of these sibling groups are not placed together.

Here’s the Sibling Foster Care PSA on YouTube.

Comments and congrats to Jacob should be in order! :)

Thanks for watching.

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