Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight

I’m a proud father – all that work for my son and he now gets to see it pay off so-to-speak. My son, a professional actor, has done small bits and pieces of music videos and small films. He’s not getting the ‘scale’ rate as an actor in the actor’s guild, but he is building a good resume, getting tons of experience, and knows how to ‘nail’ an audition… and as he says:

“I nailed it… Acting is easy”

I’ll let him think that for a while – at least until he gets a nice paycheck and has to work with a horrible director.

So here’s the Hot Chelle Rae video Jacob was in just recently. A group that I’m not really familiar with and a group that I don’t really see myself listening to – until now.

Watch this video on YouTube.

I’m going to ‘preach’ something now. This isn’t a big job, this wasn’t a hard job, but it was a ‘job’ that Jacob got because of commitment.

Before he got into acting we had to represent the world of acting as a huge commitment. Money spent on acting classes, time from both Donna and I to get him to classes and eventually, get him to auditions and jobs.

Just the other day we were in Hollywood – I drove from Tarzana to pick him up from school on a Friday night – where we rushed over, in Friday night traffic, to Hollywood to get to the audition as early as possible because we then had to rush over to “Old Town Fight Club” because I had to work.

The audition was for a commercial and I think, last I was updated, they want to cast him.

He didn’t want to go to this audition. He wanted to stay at ‘day care’ to play with his friends. I had to give him the: “You miss every shot you don’t take!” (Gretzky) speech. I reminded him about his ‘commitment’ and tried to impress upon him the Gretzky quote. He, of course, didn’t understand so I had to get into the 11 year old mind and explain it as best I could – there was yelling involved.

(If you are a Facebook friend you would have seen my Gretzky quote for that day”

“You miss every shot you don’t take!” (Gretzky)

He understood.

“I” was the one who was tired, grumpy, had a long day, and did all the almost 3 hours of driving that night. It was horrible for ‘me’… but in the end, he took the shot…

And he scored.

See Jake in between the two Hot Chelle Raes? Cool huh?

Today, another ‘lead’ auditions and Wednesday, another ‘lead’ auditions that he will miss due to another commitment he has: Little League Baseball team. That’s another speech I’ve had with him: Responsibility. When you are part of a team, they rely on you, just as you rely on them. So you don’t miss games. You show up.

Too bad the theme of the above video wasn’t about ‘taking shots’… but I had to get it in there.

Hope you enjoyed the video – I tear up every time I see Jake on the screen!

Oh, and is that Chord Overstreet from Glee in the video? I think it is.

Jake, ‘booking’ this video, is a great example of Personal Achievment… I give props to all the struggling actors out there – its a tough life, but with persistence, by taking those shots, you will eventually score!

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