How to Donate Nets to stop Malaria

“Nothing but Nets”

I got an email from a 4th grade GlennMagasDotCom subscriber that suggest I write about “Nothing but Nets”. This is her email to me:

“At my school, every year, the 8th grade class does a school service project. This year they chose a project on Malaria, and decided to use an organazation called NothingButNets. It’s $10 to SAVE A LIFE… Well basically, so, please tell your bloggers to go on the website for NothingButNets and donate $10 for a net, thank you!” Margot

As you can see, its not about basketball, but something a lot more serious. And yes, it is a great school service project to do! And if you want to do something right, this is how to donate nets to stop malaria!

I do not know a lot about these different organizations so I decided to look up NothingButNets online to check it out. It could help as my daughter is in 2nd grade and my son is in 5th grade and if they have to do a school service project, I’ll have an idea up my sleeve.

Here is the website:

So, what is Malaria?

According to WikiPedia: Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease of humans caused by eukaryotic protists of the genus Plasmodium. It is widespread in tropical and subtropical regions, including much of Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Americas. The disease results from the multiplication of malaria parasites within red blood cells, causing symptoms that typically include fever and headache, in severe cases progressing to coma, and death.

Malaria transmission can be reduced by preventing mosquito bites by distribution of inexpensive mosquito nets and insect repellents, or by mosquito-control measures such as spraying insecticides inside houses and draining standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Although many are under development, the challenge of producing a widely available vaccine that provides a high level of protection for a sustained period is still to be met.[3] Two drugs are also available to prevent malaria in travellers to malaria-endemic countries (prophylaxis).

The key word in the last paragraph is: “Mosquito Nets”

When I first thought about Malaria and the website: NothingButNets, it did not ‘hit me’ that it was a play on mosquito nets.

When I was about Margot’s age we so a film in the highschool amphitheater on something like this: I vaguely remember, but I do remember the fear I had of a bug flying around and biting me and dying. I remember seeing a net they used to protect themselves from these KILLER BUGS.

As a child I was also told stories about my parent’s family in the PHillipines and how they would use mosquito nets to protect themselves from mosquitoes. I never realized that it was due to disease, and yes, malaria. I just thought they used them because mosquitoes were annoying and they didn’t want to get bit – but it was a grander reason than that.

NothingButNets is committed to end Malaria because, Malaria kills!

In fact, Malaria causes 200 million illnesses a year and is the leading killer of children in Africa! According to NothingButNets, “there are 10 new cases of malaria every second. Every 45 seconds, a child in Africa dies from a malaria infection.“

More on Malaria:

So how can you help?


That’s all it takes – at least from you and it’s a start if you want to do more.

That small donation will go directly to purchasing bed nets that will be delivered to families and educating them (in Liberia) on using them properly!

I was so inspired by reading about Malaria and the need for nets in these countries, that I donated $10 to NothingButNets and made it in the name of Margot – for her suggestion on writing this post.

Take a little time to read information on the website and donate $10 for Nets for Malaria! And please, comment here on the blog to let us know that you were caring enough to donate!

Thanks in advance!

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