iBlogging With Blogsy App

BlogsyI found a cool app called Blogsy $2.99. I am actually testing it out on this new iBlogging post.

How to blog on the iPad

First things first: I added tags to the blog, set the category for this post, then added a link to Blogsy’s website above.

The main thing I want to get from this app, or from any blogging app is the ease of embedding pictures and video into my blog post. I haunt embedded anything yet but will try in a second.

As I type I realize that the WordPress app and the Blogsy app are quite similar. Adding a post is simple, you can save an offline draft – which means you can continue later. Thing is, my theme is needed to set images as a ‘main image’ for home page display – neither app has that capability.

Blogsy, though, has a better user friendly interface called the Rich side and the Write side. The Rich side is used for editing the post with links and fonts, etc. The Write side for writing. So it’s very handy and easy to use in this manner.

Based on the features, I believe I still need a browser to manage pictures. And that’s where WordPress app comes in handy- I can upload pictures with WordPress, I have to figure out if that is possible with Blogsy.

One cool thing is dragging pictures in from google. Tap the Google icon and search for an image and drag it right onto your post. You can also use flickr, picassa, and YouTube.

Here’s my YouTube attempt:

Wow, easy search feature, dragged the video in, and embedded it with old source code. That was simple!

The only thing I wish it could do is post a picture on the home page. That’s just the theme I’m using.

So, this is a How To blog with the iPad post using a really cool app called Blogsy.

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