Congrats to our Comments Contest Winner!

Thanks for all who participated in my GlennMagasDotCom Comments contest

Shieikou has won the $25 iTunes Gift Card in my first ever “Comments Contest“! The card is being sent… RIGHT NOW via email!

Shieikou had 23 comments and really poured it on on the last day of the contest! Good job.

That’s two contests from GlennMagasDotCom done and over – with much success.

The first contest was a subscriber contest up through 100. The winner was:

PaulH who won a $20 iTunes gift card!

This is the second contest and the winner is:

Shieikou who won a $25 iTunes gift card!

Everyone who is currently a subscriber can still win a $25 iTunes gift card in the current contest: “The 500 subscriber contest!” We can finish this contest off if EVERYONE asks one person to be a subscriber to GlennMagasDotCom… And then we can start another contest!

Keep up the comments, keep visiting my blog – and help me get year two going strong!

Here’s the list of ‘posters’ for my Comments Contest:

Thanks again to all my subscribers! I appreciate it!

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