Keep Blogging, Blogging, Blogging

Wasn’t it Dorie from “Finding Nemo” that said, “Keep Blogging, Blogging, Blogging”? It was something like that. I believe she said it to Nemo’s dad to keep blogging in order to achieve his ultimate goal: to find Nemo. I might be wrong. But I think it was something like that.

Keep Blogging, Blogging, Blogging

Well, anyway, I started a “Slice of Life” blog. It’s tough to find SEO keywords for a Slice of Life blog but that’s okay. I want to be a ‘free blogger’ sometimes and that’s what I got ta do. Just keep blogging, blogging, blogging… it also leads to a little cash in the pocket!

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So if you want to visit my “Slice of Life” blog, visit: the “HungryHungryBlogger

This is the blog where I will post my “iBlogging” posts as well as, well, general life stuff which includes but is not limited to: favorite YouTube videos! Which reminds me, I need to post one today!

So if you have time, visit the “HungryHungryBlogger” to see the latest on my next ‘favorite’ YouTube video.

Here’s the thing about blogging… “It requires Passion and Authority… which leaves most people out.”

It’s true. I have met several… tons… MILLIONS… well, maybe not millions, but I have met more than several people who wanted to or have started a blog that lasts, maybe, 1 month? If that? So I’m not sure their reasons for a blog!

I believe the main reason is a “Slice of Life” blog, to share what they are doing, feeling, thinking, cooking, traveling… whatever. Next thing you know, they have nothing to say, they forget, think its too hard, too tedious, too forced, blah blah blah.

They lacked Passion and Authority to take control of their own life as a blogger.

I’ve blogged since, maybe, 2003ish… Writing on,,… until finally I realized I needed to find a platform and stick with it. And WordPress was the platform. The best blogging platform out there.

Next – I realized I can make money blogging. Maybe, not alot, but possibly, a whole lot! That is if I… “Keep blogging, blogging, blogging!”

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Here’s where blogging has taken the place of a boring journal… which I started, stopped, restarted, stopped, and started over and over again throughout my entire life. In fact, in November of 2009 I started another hand written journal with a really, really, really cool journal I bought. It lasted a month. But my blogging continued.

In fact, I have blogged from a street cafe in New York City, I’ve blogged while all alone on an airplane before take off, on a balcony in Hawaii, in the middle of 7,000 people at a MonaVie Leadership seminar, I’ve blogged on a roller coaster, a bakery, in the car, at work, from the doctor’s office, from the Apple Store, at a baseball game, from my iPhone, my iPad, my laptop… I love to blog! And I earn money doing it!

I learned how to blog better, and earn money from professional bloggers like, John Chow, “ProBlogger“, and Yaro Starak who also teaches blogging in Blog Mastermind.

It doesn’t stop there, I did learn SEO, Keyword research, and other things, but that’s just icing on the cake.

I do look forward to a payment from different online sources directly into my PayPal account a couple of times a month and… I’ve only been a ‘professional blogger’ for a little more than a year now! I believe, if I keep Blogging, Blogging, Blogging, it may, can, and will replace my ‘day job’ income someday soon.

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I’m serious.

But for now, its pocket change in the form of hundred dollar bills.

So check out my new blog and take a look at my new “Favorite Video” which I will post shortly after this one!

Oh, and if you want to jump into blogging, you should check out many online sources like: Blog Mastermind and even ‘make-my-website‘!

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