iBlogging – How to Blog from an iPhone or iPad

I started to be more active with ‘Slice of Life’ blogging posts in my blog: “HungryHungryBlogger“. Of  course its less ‘niche’ than other blogs I focus on and its something I haven’t done regularly for years. I used to write Slice of Life posts and miss writing ramblings. So I started up again and came up with, what I, or possibly others, call, “iBlogging”.

So what is iBlogging?

It’s blogging from a mobile device Apple related. Hence the use of the “i” in “iBlogging”. In this case, Blogging using the iPhone and iPad tablet on the go. Of course a MacBook or MacBook Pro, or any Apple related device can be used as long its not where you normally blog! It’s on the go, on the spot, and mobile!

Due to the mobile concept, you have to have an efficiency in how you blog. It needs to be fast and systematic. You may have to switch between apps on your iPhone or iPad, and its a tedious process compared to a laptop.

I had 8 days of hard core practice and have become a self-proclaimed ‘expert’ on iBlogging from my iPhone or iPad! And I did it on the go, on vacation, and at Disney World for that matter. You can see my vacation captured with iBlogging posts here: “Disney World iBlogging recap“.

Of course it is much faster and much easier to blog from my MacBook Pro, but carrying around a 15” laptop everywhere to blog is not what I want to do. I do, though, want to take my blogging mobile from time to time, and that’s why an iPhone or iPad is easier. Not only can I write from these devices, I can submit my post immediately – even with a WiFi ipad using “My Personal Hotspot” on the iPhone 4!

So… How do you blog from an iPhone or iPad and consider it iBlogging?

I’m sure there are many ways. And as I continue to ‘perfect’ the process, here is the one way, in summary, of how to do this with an iPhone or iPad.

First, you need the following things:

1. An iPhone or iPad.

I’m using a 32gb iPhone 4 and 1st gen 32gb iPad.

2. WordPress Blog

Of course you need a WordPress Blog with a great theme. I recommend the “Arras Theme” because of the ease of use and very SEO friendly!

3. WordPress App.

The WordPress app is different for the iPhone and for the iPad. You can get them here: WordPress for iPhone | WordPress for iPad – best of all, they are free!

4. YouTube account

You can visit my YouTube Channel at “SquintKid’s YouTube Channel

5. Smart YouTube plugin

If you want to post YouTube videos, this will allow you to take the link of the video and copy and paste it with ease right into your post. You just have to change the link by adding a ‘v’ right after http! Believe me, this is quick and an easy way to add a YouTube video into your post with a size you specify in the Plugin! See more about the plugin here: Smart YouTube

6. Dedication and the willingness to blog

Just like the cartoon above, you need dedication to blog!

Other things you might like to have:
iMovie app for iPhone (I haven’t used it on iPad yet)
A good digital camera for more pictures and video flexibility
A great Apple Laptop like a MacBook Pro!

So that’s a start. I’ll get into details on the “How To” on another post. But once you have these basic tools, you’re ready for iBlogging!

Stay Tuned!

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