Schoolyard Bully goes Viral

Bully gets body slammed!

Have you seen the Schoolyard Bully video? Well, it has gone viral and if you haven’t seen it online, you may have seen it on the news. When I first saw that infamous video on FaceBook I was shocked. And I was, as a majority of people were, applauding the result. Not that anyone of us condones violence, but because they finally saw a bully given a dose of his own medicine.

I don’t know the whole story – but I will speculate that the ‘bigger boy’, reported age of 16 (10th-grader Casey Heynes), was probably being bullied for his weight. Then he he body slams the bully (a seventh grader named Ritchard Gale). My first opinion – Ritchard Gale absolutely deserved it!

Here’s something I also speculate. Ritchard Gale kept bullying because he knew the bigger boy wasn’t going to ever fight back. Well, surprise-surprise, he did – this time – and will probably never have to do it again.

To watch the video here it is:

EMBED-Chubby Kid Bodyslams Bully – Watch more free videos

So is Ritchard Gale getting a bad wrap from all of this with his bullying and eventual defeat posted all across the internet? Probably. I mean, the kid should be punished, but to have ‘the world’ point their fingers at him and say ‘ha-ha’, well, that might be too much.

So that’s my second opinion! And it goes further to say, the kid was 14 and didn’t know better. Stupid mistake. Something he shouldn’t go to jail for, but definitely something where he needed to learn a lesson – and he learned it: bigger than expected.

It feels better for us to say ‘ha-ha’ you deserved it. Yet if you look at it more objectively, and if you have kids that MIGHT do something stupid from time to time, the world wide web pointing their fingers and laughing and ridiculing Ritchard Gale tends to be much.

Yes, I still believe he deserved what he got – and I applaud Casey Heynes for fighting back. Although violence should be the last resort, and yes, Casey Heyenes he is bigger and older, he got nailed in the face twice without warning, and peppered a couple of times with a guy dancing in front of him like a wannabe Manny Pacquiao and he had the right to defend himself.

I laugh when I see it – and I also feel bad for the aftermath for the family of Ritchard Gale. I wanna call Ritchard Gale a stupid punk ass kid and point my fingers at him and say, you deserved it you stupid punk, but then I also feel – he’s 14 and made a stupid mistake. He should come out and apologize for it and show his sorrow – that way we can get off his back for being a stupid 14 year old kid!

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