SEO Keywords are still Key!

Recently I was asked to do an interview on SEO and keyword research. I felt privileged to do so. The interviewer, and owner of the blog: “Ice Blue Banana“, put together a pdf on Keyword Research where I, along a few others, were featured as bloggers and SEO experts.

Basically, in order to have a successful blog – viewed my many and found through Google, you need a “Do it yourself SEO keyword Process“.

SEO Keywords are Key!

Download the free pdf by visiting here: “Ice Blue Banana – The Keyword Research pdf

Without keywords, without Search Engine Optimization your blog is well – not optimized. Yes, you might be able to be searched, people will come and visit your blog, but with SEO, your blog will be stronger, and climb the page ranks on Goggle’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERP)!

This is important – remember, 40% of of people searching for a particular keyword will click the first link on the SERP. Is this important?


In a research study done by, the clicks are as follows.

  • Position #1: 45.46% of all clicks
  • Position #2: 15.69% of all clicks
  • Position #3: 10.09% of all clicks
  • Position #4: 5.49% of all clicks
  • Position #5: 5.00% of all clicks
  • Position #6: 3.94% of all clicks
  • Position #7: 2.51% of all clicks
  • Position #8: 2.94% of all clicks
  • Position #9: 1.97% of all clicks
  • Position #10: 2.71% of all clicks
  • Total: 95.91% of all clicks occur on Page #1 of SERPs

“Please keep in mind, that this is NOT an exact science. This is only a way of attempting to estimate the percentage of click volume you may receive based upon SERP position.” Agent-SEO

95.51% of all clicks occur on Page #1 of SERPs! And the number one spot: 46%! That is huge!

I’m currently on working on a blog that needs to get to the top spot of Google’s SERP. It’s a small niche, and the main search word has already brought the blog to page 2.

Now, this is one keyword with only a limited amount of monthly searches (1,300).  There are over 200K results and if this page was on page three or four, let alone at the bottom of the SERP, nobody would click on the link and hit the site.

With 1,300 monthly searches, that’s only 43 searches a day. Of that, 20 will click on the first link they see a day. That’s 600 a month!

Is that alot? No, but if you have 100 keywords for a particular blog, and you average that many page views a day, that’s 60,000 page views in one month!

But let’s start with 10 keywords that can generate page views while you take the top spot on the SERP. That’s 6,000 hits a month for a brand new blog – and it can grow to 20 keywords, 30, etc.

Now that’s why keyword research is so important.

Now, another keyword that fits my niche is huge – the possibility of taking top rank would be tough, but if I did, and I’m working on it! 7 million monthly searches! Should I compete with that keyword? Probably not right now – its part of the overall keyword that I use, so I will generate some strength with it, but for now, I’m looking at keywords that are searched fewer times, and take many fewer searches over one massage search that I have to fight stronger competition!

I can ramble on and on as usual but the main point I want to make – Keyword Research is key!

Take your blogging to the bank with Google Adwords – but you will never cash a check unless you build your keyword library and implement a keyword strategy!

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Download the free pdf:Ice Blue Banana – The Keyword Research pdf

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