Should BJ Penn retire

I was really excited to watch UFC 127. I want to see BJ Penn come up in weight once again and challenge for top spot in that category. He didn’t show he could win in any category for that matter by the way he fought.

So I pose a question:

“Should BJ Penn Retire”

The Prodigy looked far from a BJJ black belt on the ground. I’m not a BJJ expert, but what I’ve learned from Sambo and BJJ is that when applying an effective back mount, if you cross your ankles on an opponent they have opportunity to counter your moves and rotate towards you.

This is why you should put your hooks in.

If you watched the fight, Penn got Fitch in two dominate positions. Each time Penn had his back with a great BJJ move. And at this point he set up a choke but Fitch countered and ended up in Penn’s guard and created a ground and pound opportunity that should have won him the fight.

The fight – although BJ Penn made took the bigger Fitch down several times, didn’t do enough, in my opinion, to deserve a draw.

We’ll put the BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes 3 fight as a ‘fluke’ win. Yes, Penn dominated and the fight lasted 20 seconds, but he was fighting an already mentally retired Hughes and at this point in a fighter’s career, a mediocre right to the chin is all that he can take.

BJ Penn in the 3rd round isn’t a good affair at this point. His conditioning looked okay, but if you are winded, and you can’t get oxygen into the brain, your skills start to deteriorate. Penn didn’t even defend well on the ground – his face did that’s for sure. Maybe he has become complacent, and maybe conditioning can help him in the future. He looked great physically, but he expended alot of energy with the first move of the night – a takedown.

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BJ Penn lost because of his Jiujitsu skills. They were non-existent in this fight. And it was as simple as getting your hooks in.

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