Happy Anniversary to Glenn Magas Dot Com

It’s Glenn Magas Dot Com’s 1 year anniversary…

…well, its actually the 13th month of existence! The year came and went and I’ve accomplished some goals, am still striving to reach others, and rewriting more! But the bottom line – one year into blogging professionally and its like I can do it with my eyes closed!

I was going to go into a year in review and talk about stuff like:

Keyword Research and how to climb the Google Page Ranks <=Click link to read


Learning the Art and Science of SEO <=Click link to read

or even

Hot Click Bank Products to help you earn money online <=Click link to buy

but I’m not. I’m going to talk about a new project I’m working on that I want desperately to cover every single spot on two pages of Google’s SERP! The keywords are simple, no cost, just SEO. The searches are small, the niche even smaller – but yet there are websites that are on top, and the one I’m working on just hit page two on the major keywords I am using.

Yep – two weeks in and the site I am working on is now on page two, and climbing up page two!

Not only do I want it as the number 1 result, I want the whole page to be links within the site. Can I? I’m sure I can.

Why am I not telling you the link? Well, I might – when it hits #1!

I’ve done a pretty good job with SEO – I used to pay for services to help me on keyword research – which are really helpful. Everything I do online pays for itself – and more – so its nice to have a little income deposited in my PayPal account or a check sent my way every month.

From my 260+ articles on Helium.com to Clickbank products like this one: AutoClick Profits.

And my hits are growing slowly, while the income grows faster than page view ratio!

Check these page views out:

March 2010: 5,866
April 2010: 7,855
May 2010: 9,070
June 2010: 10,754
July 2010: 6,066
August 2010: 5,685
September 2010: 6,622
October 2010: 6,866
November 2010: 8,649
December 2010: 16,898
January 2011: 15,080

The dips in page views, just ebbs and flows… but income increased despite the dips – interesting isn’t it?

2011 will be better.

Blogging will be easier and alot more fun!

So if you want to see what kinda products that I love on ClickBank, and what people are using? Here are my top 3 favorite ClickBank products:

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And the best ClickBank profit that makes a nice check sent to my address:

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Thanks to everyone for making Glenn Magas Dot Com a successful blog its first year. Second and Third years always make it even better.

Check back soon for new “Comment Contest”!

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