Think and Succeed – Why Tiger is Losing and not Winning

Are you looking for success or are you looking for excuses?

There’s only one way to build an amazing team. That’s to look for “Success.” “Think and Succeed!”

“Why high performers shine even when the sun doesn’t.” The focus around an Accenture ad was Tiger Woods. I believe times have changed around Tiger and now, Tiger isn’t looking to succeed, he is trying not to fail. The excuses are there, in his head, stated or not – but he is trying not to miss putts, and going into the weekend, trying not to lose. This is not a good goal. And this, in my opinion, is why Tiger Woods is losing and not winning.

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John Maxwell references in his book, “The Difference Maker” with the caption that reads: “Waiting for ideal conditions is rarely an option.” Here, Tiger is focused on his goal amidst a rainstorm, yet it does not seem to faze him a bit. Below the image of Tiger it says, “Go on. Be a Tiger.”

Tiger’s work ethic is unparalleled. At least ‘it was’. After ‘parting ways’ with his swing coach,  Hank Haney, Tiger’s swing has yet to be consistent. Watch great athletes ‘part ways’ with whoever helped them get to greatness and you may see a fall from grace.

Take Mike Tyson for example, although he lost Cuz D’mato, he fired Kevin Rooney and his career fell apart.

If you’re looking for success, build a team of success minded people versus those who continually have ‘an excuse’ of why they failed at something.  These people, if they really look at their ‘failure’ probably can find success at every level during that failure. But they focus on the failure versus the success. And they will continue to attract failure for the rest of their lives.

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People who perform even when ‘the sun doesn’t shine’ so-to-speak, and theortically may ‘fail’, won’t see that part of it. They will only see everything before that – all the success, the climb up the ladder, and the legacy (big or small) they left behind. Then, they move on to do other great things, succeed or fail, their outlook is to think success versus think excuses of why they didn’t succeed, or won’t succeed.

Leaders who do not wait on perfect conditions, they make any condition work.

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You will run into only a few of these people. The ones who you should avoid are the ones filled with excuses, the ones who do not take ownership for their success.

“The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Wayne Dyer

Think success all the time. Guess what friends, that’s the only secret to success, and it hasn’t been a secret for hundreds of years! It’s just easier to think about the excuses than it is to think about how to succeed.

It’s never too late: start today to think about success and forget any excuse you used in the pass to justify your failure. Think and grow rich as Napolean Hill wrote – in this case, Think and Succeed!

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