My First YouTube “How To Video”

I am now venturing into the world of “How To” Videos. Or is it, “How To Vidoes”? Anyway, after almost a year of saying, “I need to do that”, I finally have “done that”.

So, here’s…

My First YouTube “How To Video”

In the past 6 months or so, I have really delved into the world of Martial Arts. This world has been part of my life for many years, but just in the last six or so months, it has made its way back into my life… and I love it!

The best thing about Martial Arts is that I teach… and now – I can do “How To” videos on what I teach about.

So here’s how I did my first youtube “how to” video…

I propped up my MacBook Pro and used PhotoBooth to video myself wrapping my hands with Boxing Hand Wraps.

Note: This was a spur of the moment whim right before a workout. Nothing planned, just an idea with the forethought, heck, why not!

I added dialogue, of course, and did a very quick explanation on ‘my’ hand wrapping technique.

A couple of days later I reviewed the footage and posted it on YouTube when I realized, it would serve more of a purpose with written instructions along with the inaudible instructions… Well, the audio isn’t that bad, but the instructional part was. So written instructions were added using iMovie.

Finally, a logo from the gym at the start up and as it faded out.  The post production was, to me, what made the video better… but with a better planned “How To” I think my first YouTube “How To Video” would have been really really good!

I am planning to do several more so stay tuned.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is:
“Hand Wrap How-To”

Hope you enjoyed that! :)

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