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There is a reason why blogs are being visited. The most important reason – they are found on Google! Yes, based on simple word or phrase, the blog that gets a visit is the one that climbs the Google SERP and gets clicked. How does this happen? It’s called, Search Engine Optimization – SEO!

If you are a new blogger and you want to take advantage of the Google Adsense program to earn a few bucks or maybe take your blogging to the bank, learn how to…

Do it yourself SEO for Bloggers. Here are some helpful articles to get your started.

Reasons why junk articles won’t bring traffic to your website” by Glenn Magas (HungryHungryWriter)
Using the right keywords can drive your website up in Google search engine results page (SERPs).  Corporations and bloggers may pay a lot of money in order to accomplish this. Many use the do it yourself SEO method of getting people to their website through organic searches.  But the key ingredient to get traffic to your website is content… (read more)

A look at the most useful free online SEO tools” by Glenn Magas (HungryHungryWriter)
If you want to increase your Google page rank and are interested in learning SEO, a great way to start is to use free online SEO tools that are available. Using these tools will get you started on Search Engine Optimization and help your website move up the search results in Google’s SERP and eventually your Google page rank will move up in importance… (read more)

How paid search differs from organic searchby Glenn Magas (HungryHungryWriter)
There are two ways to drive traffic to your website. One can be extremely difficult, tedious, and a lot of hard work, the other takes money along with tedious hard work. Either way, neither guarantees your position in the Google Search Engine Results Page or Google PageRank…  (read more)

Reasons why search engine optimization is both an art and a scienceby Glenn Magas (HungryHungryWriter)
The SEO process is an incredible art and science as it can bring a website out from obscurity into the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).  Many say, “Content is King”, but quality content that ends up on page 40 in the SERP will not generate much traffic and visibility on the Internet… (read more)

Do it yourself SEO improvements made easy by Glenn Magas (HungryHungryWriter)
How is your website doing? Are you finding more traffic coming your way or did you all of a sudden find yourself falling of Google’s SERP? Well, if you haven’t done it already, its time to focus on getting your website SEO so that people actually know you are there and more traffic can be generated through organic searches… (read more)

The latter article may be the most important step to take – focus on getting your website search engine optimized!!!

These article resources are what I have taken to advise bloggers, as well as building my own blogs, and accomplishing SERP and PageRanks that I can be proud of. This is not a full time job for me, but the part time work is rewarded with a Google Check once a month!

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