iPhone 5 release date rumors

Should I even speculate? Should I even mention the iPhone 5 in this blog so soon? Well, there are rumors that are suggesting image leaks of the iPhone 5 and its release date.

iPhone 5 release date rumors

February 14, 2011.


Valentine’s Day 2011 is a rumored date for an announcement. And that’s only speculation.

What is Apple going to solve on the iPhone 5? Well, most likely the biggest issue that was a black cloud for the iPhone 4 = the antenna issue!

Now, if you are an iPhone 4 owner and do not have a cover or bumper, then, you’re not protecting yourself from those dreaded drop calls.

Read this solution now: “New iPhone 4 antenna fix free!” and “Poor reception on iPhone 4 solution

Will the iPhone 5 be perfect. Not likely, but I hope it will!

I’m not ready to purchase another iPhone update. But, if the iPhone 5 shows a big jump in performance and can handle a more powerful iOS I might be all over that. Going from iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 was huge… Going from iPhone 3G to an iPhone 3Gs… Not so much.

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