Homeless man with a Golden Voice on YouTube – Theater of Mind

This is a great story. It entails an educated man, Ted Williams, who, because of drugs and alcohol, lost his opportunities as a voice over actor or radio voice personality. Soon, he finds himself homeless.

Homeless man with a Golden Voice on YouTube
“Theater of Mind”

Then comes YouTube and hard work.

The hard work – staying sober for 2 years and holding up a sign by a freeway ramp as most transient or homeless people do. But this wasn’t to beg for money…  It was to ask if he could share his voice.

Well, a reporter drives up and makes him, deprecatingly, “work for his money” for a dollar. Well, he did… and the buck was his and a whole lot more…

He was just offered a full time job with the Cleveland Cavaliers as the voice of the Cavs, and a mortgaged home in Ohio. A hard luck story with a fairy tale ending. (see story below)

If you haven’t seen the video, as of right now, there have been over 4 million views. That’s 4 million views in less than 48 hours!

The man comes across as sweet, warm, and believe me – someone you wish to make it happen someday.

This is a heart warming story about a man, at the bottom of the barrel, with the opportunity to use, literally, his God given talent, and find success. I hope he does.

Here it is:

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTysXITBCmk

Share this with a friend, let them know about how opportunities will arise when you do whatever it takes to find them. In this case, with the tools available to Ted Williams, it was a pen, a cardboard sign, and a position next to the freeway.

Now, since Lebron left Cleveland, the fans have a better reason to attend Cavs games! Even if they don’t win, at least they will be treated with the voice of Ted Williams, the homeless man with a golden voice.

Story: : Homeless Man, Ted Williams, Job Offer

There has been many offers to Ted. Let this video about a homeless man remind you to keep the faith. Pay it Forward. Hold out your hand – and as the reporter states, “Even if you’re the one who needs it!” (related article: “Key To Success: Ask for help!

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