iPhone 4 video chat without WiFi (Free)

Are you wishing you can do video chat on your iPhone 4 outside an WiFi network? Well you can! Yes, you can use your iPhone 4 to video chat on the 3G network and its all for free.

It’s not FaceTime for the iPhone 4… it’s Tango!

My daughter mentioned that I can use my iPhone 4 to video chat without WiFi and before she could finish telling me how, why, and how much, I was downloading the Tango App on my iPhone 4.

She was right, so the next thing I did was text two of my iPhone 4 buddies and got them on my Tango contacts.  In literally 5 minutes after being informed about Tango, I had made two calls on Video Chat without being in a WiFi network.

This, I proclaimed, is making full use of the iPhone 4 capabilities. Face Time for the iPhone 4 is great, but come on, I don’t have WiFi everywhere I go and sitting at home to use FaceTime isn’t the funnest thing to do. Using iPhone 4 to video chat in Disneyland, in the car, or even while shopping is a million times more fun!

I don’t know the details of why Apple and AT&T can’t get that going for us on the 3G netowrk, but now with other companies doing it for us, who cares right?


So here I am, chatting away and my first impression is very high. In fact, this app was downloaded over 1 million times in its first 10 days (release date September 30, 2010). So it is highly regarded by many right off the bat! Why it took me 3 whole months to find out about it is beyond me. Even my reliable source, Richard, didn’t find out about it till Sunday (the day after Christmas).

If you own an iPhone 4and want to video chat but are cramped by the WiFi requirements, and have yet to download Tango – get it today. It will also automatically tell you who, on your contacts, has also downloaded Tango.

I see only a few of my iPhone 4 friends have actually downloaded it.

Here’s a screen shot of me talking on my iPhone using Tango and seeing my nephew Diesel at the toy store.

See you on Tango!

So far, this app is a 9/10 for me. Picture quality is decent, and within a strong 3G signal, the reception is great. I haven’t played around, or tried to multi-task so right now its a 9/10 app… and its free.

Tango for the iPhone 4 – awesome.

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