How to register your NOOKcolor handheld ebook reader

Did you wait? After the Nook came out in the beginning of 2010, followed by a new improved Kindle and the Apple iPad? Did you finally get a handheld ebook Reader? And did you get the wonderful Nook Color? Because if you did, you own a beautiful handheld ebook reader and are probably dying to get it going.

Well, here’s the quickest quick start guide on:

How to register your NOOKcolor handheld ebook reader

There are three things you need to make sure you have and do before any of this can happen. You need to make sure you:
1. Have WiFi connectivity
2. Have a charged Nook
3. Have a Barnes and Noble ( account
If you don’t have a Barnes and Noble account, you can wait till the registration process to create one. But, if you want to work fast and smooth, go to Barnes and Noble and create an account first. It is easier creating an account on the computer

Without these three factors, you cannot register your NOOKcolor. Life will be so much easier and registering your NOOKcolor will be a breeze.

So here we go!

1. Watch the introductory video.
Take your time, enjoy it, and let the world of NOOKcolor fill your life! The wait will be that much special.

2. Read the Terms of Service and select “Accept”.

3. Select your Time Zone and tap “Next”

4. Connect to your WiFi network.
If you are at Barnes & Noble your NOOKcolor will connect automatically. If you are in an area with several networks you can choose the network you want to join. Obviously, if you are at home, choose your home network. In most cases, you will need a password to get into a network that is secured. So be prepared with your network password and enter it to connect.


5. Register your NOOKColor
If you don’t, there’s no way to download and of course read eBooks on your NOOKcolor.

If you already have a account:
a) Sign In on the NOOKcolor
b) Use the email address you use for Barnes and Noble then enter the password for your account.
c) Submit.

DONE! Now enjoy those books on your new NOOKcolor handheld ebook reader!

If you do not yet have a account:
a) Create an Account using your NOOKcolor
b) Fill in the form with your name, email, password and additional information requested.
c) Submit.

DONE! Now enjoy those books on your new NOOKcolor handheld ebook reader!

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