The best Christmas Song of all time!

The Best Christmas Song of all time!

I love Christmas music. From Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas” to a great rendition of “O Holy Night”.  And of course, “Silver Bells” and “White Christmas”.  I’ve never been a fan of “Little Drummer Boy” but, a few years ago I heard the best rendition of this song on the radio. It was clip from a Bing Crosby television special.

The story behind the episode, and song, is an incredible story.

David Bowie was asked to sing a duet with Bing Crosby on his television special. The song: Little Drummer Boy – which David Bowie didn’t think was right for him. Writers rewrote the song adding “Peace on Earth” literally hours before Bowie was supposed to go on. The rest is an incredible piece of music, and Christmas, pop culture.

Bing Crosby (73 at the time) and David Bowie (30) recorded their storied duet on Sept 11, 1977 for Crosby’s Christmas Special. A month later, Crosby died of a heart attack. A month later, the episode was aired for the Christmas Season.

Crosby wasn’t even alive when the episode aired!

The result: A hit song, and the best renditions of Little Drummer Boy that you will ever hear.

There are many Christmas Songs that top my list… but this, based on the beautiful duet and the history behind it, tops that list by far!

Here it is… please enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!

Link: Bing & Bowie

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