I Love “The Temper Trap”

When I first heard “Sweet Disposition” it was in the movie theater. It was during “500 Days of Summer” and I was hooked – but I didn’t know the song, the artist, nor the name.

Then, one day I was walking out of the gym when Sweet Disposition played on the radio.  I asked around and nobody knew the song – so I pulled out my iPhone and used “Shazam” app to listen and determine what the song was for me.

I went on YouTube, watched and listend to Dougy Mandagi’s haunting, yet smooth voice over and over. I bought it and added it to my run playlist on my iPhone and would run or workout to the song over and over again. Basically – I fell in love with the song and its been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a song!

Then, I came across “Love Lost”. And it wasn’t the song that blew my mind – it was the cool music video of these boys struggling through their run in a gloomy day somewhere in England.

The first couple of seconds is a shot of a little boy, mud on his face, struggling through the run – he then starts to sing and I was immediately hooked!

And then I fell in love with it. I love The Temper Trap!

Here’s the video for your viewing and listening pleasure!

Hope ya enjoyed that!

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