Margaritos Face Surgery a Success

Read the title of this blog. Manny was like a skilled surgeon. He took Margarito apart. Pacquiao did to Margarito what everybody wanted hi to do after the disparaging remarks this ignorant fool said about Freddy Roach. And there you have it… He had 18 pounds on Manny, he was taller, he had an evil grin and in the end – the grin was replaced with a broken and bloodied face.

At one point between the second and third round Margarito said to his trainer, paraphrased: “He has no power – he can’t hurt me!”

At that point I was a little nervous about what would happen.

After the round was over Margarito looked like a little like this:

The statement immediately reminded me of this sketch during the US attack on Iraq:

I absolutely can’t stand smack talk from a fighter when it is just ignorant and irresponsible. Some may say, nobody deserves a beating like that – well – Margarito did. And he also needs to get rid of his ignorant trainer. A person who is to protect and think about the best interest of his fighter and the future. Margarito didn’t have a punch after the 10th round that would save him. The knock out power was gone despite a few shots here and there.

I’ve read things about Pacquiao admitted to being hurt… maybe… but lets remember – Manny is a politician. The words he used were very “politically correct” and actually, humbling. Margarito on the other hand, sounded like Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. In other words – Margarito sounded like an idiot.

All this being said, Margaritos face surgery has been a success. Read about it here: Margarito’s Broken Face.

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