Kinect for Xbox 360 vs Nintendo Wii

The Kinect for Xbox 360 release date was officialy November 4, 2010.  I am waiting till Christmas! But currently, this is how I feel… And to be honest, ever since that black Xbox came out, this is how I have always felt. Microsoft Xbox trumps Nintendo’s Wii, and any Sony Playstation version on the market (as they competed head to head through the years).

That being said – I am already bias to Xbox Kinect (formally known as Project Natal) as the choice console over the Nintendo Wii.

See my article I wrote in May when I found out about Kinect (fma: Project Natal): “Why Xbox 360 is the best gaming console: 2 words: Project Natal (Kinect)

Yes, the Wii has been around way before Microsoft releases their version of an interactive, motion detection “Human Controller”, and yet I was never into anything Wii.

I own: Xbox 360, Xbox, and yes, we have the Wii in the house that the kids SOMETIMES play. Its usually Xbox 360 and the great games they have to offer.

Now I might have been a ‘pro-Microsoft’ computer geek at one point, turning my back on Apple computers, but a few years ago I changed that tune completely. Any Windows based computer is, to me, obsolete compared to the Mac OS (for the general PC user).  It does not matter what Windows OS they have updated and improved, I’ve worked with every version on a personal PC, including the latest. The bottom line – it still sucks.

But I digress – back to…

Xbox Kinect vs Nintendo Wii

So, I’m a Mac guy now.  But still, the Xbox 360 line is the best product line for home game out there!

Needless to say, I have yet to try Kinect for the Xbox 360 – and still want it it. I own the Wii, and never play.

Uh, oh… maybe the reason why I don’t really play the Wii is because the gaming experience is not what I love about gaming. Pointing, response time of the device, etc. So what if Kinect is a similar gaming experience with lag, poor games, etc.? I might not like Kinect!

Well, the jury is still out – at least for me.

What is your opinin and – which would you want for Christmas: even if you have to do it all over again and get a Wii?

Check out this short video on the battle between Kinect and Wii

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Release Date for the Kinect: November 4, 2010!

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