Pacquiao has to fight a Margarito – instead of a chicken.

Mayweather? Champion? Or stupid racist chicken? He sure didn’t show ‘championship class’ when he ran away from Pacquiao after Manny agreed to Mayweather’s demands. And he sure didn’t look like a champ during his September 2010 racist rant on Paquio as seen and heard on YouTube, and featured on ESPN.

Floyd Mayweather? Come on… A great fighter? “A champion fighter fights champions and fights LIKE a champion.” (GD)

Mayweather holds a belt but neither fights champions or fights LIKE a champion.

“Fighters never turn their back in a fight – they always face a fight.” (GD)

Mayweather has turned his back and has run from what could be the biggest fight of his career. Instead, he ran – even after setting rules and they were accepted. He ran from the fight. If he’s a fighter isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? Fight!? Then why is he running his foul mouth and not fighting?

What a big time jerk.

There’s a certain “Class” that a champion should exude: Mayweather is classless.

“As soon as we come back from vacation, we’re going to cook that little yellow chump,” Mayweather (YouTube rant)

Manny Pacquiao, a native of the Philippines, was Mayweather’s target: “We gonna cook that mother f—– with some cats and dogs,”…  “Rice with a little bit of cat, rice with a little bit of barbecued dog.” Mayweather

I hate the ‘freedom of speech’ argument because most people don’t realize, you are also responsible for what you say! Even if it is irresponsible statements like Mayweather voiced.

Money Mayweather? Seems like the only fight he wants is to slap women around then use his money to bail himself out of jail.

Brock Lesner, at one time – one of the most hated fighters in the UFC, has more class than Mayweather. Personally, that says alot.

Mayweather can shoot a YouTube video in his kitchen, far away from Manny Pacquiao – but put Manny next to Mayweather and Mayweather will hide behind a loud mouth while Manny smiles then knocks him out in the ring.

Lets see the fight before Mayweather is too old to throw or take a punch and use that as an excuse. How I’d love to see Manny punch Floyd in the head and see money fly out of his ears and nose.

That would make any yellow Filipino’s day.

Watch his Floyd Mayweather’s Racist rant here:

See ESPN’s commentary on the Racist Rant here: “ESPN: Mayweather Rips Pacquiao in Racist Video Rant

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