Freak Out!

Yes, its Halloween… or it was Halloween… ON A FRICKEN SUNDAY! Hey Obama, here’s some hope and change for you – all the parents of America (if they are responsible human beings) HOPE that you CHANGE Halloween to the last SATURDAY NIGHT in October so that the kids can enjoy the festivities instead of getting yelled at about going to bed.

I mean, Thanksgiving is ALWAYS on a Thursday is it not? Whoever planned that was a smart president. Thanks President Lincoln and FDR! That way people can eat all they want and suffer for a couple of days before work.

So why can’t Halloween be on a Saturday night so the kids can have Sunday to sleep in after walking the streets on a Saturday night?

HUH?!?!? HUH?????

So I’m a couple of days late on my Halloween post and to be honest, I was going to write about self improvement as a challenge. But when a friend “JB” posted an Ellen video on Facebook, I had to share the video on my blog.

Ellen Degeneres has had some funny funny stuff on her show (like Vivian the Starbucks girl – my cousin), but this one “Freak Out” video has got to be one of the best.

I did not see the episode, but from what I gather, Ellen sent one of her writers into the Universal Studios Halloween Haunted House and the result – PURE NATURAL REACTIONS!

It is so awesome I had to watch it like three times and I couldn’t break the smile off my face.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it right here:


On a sad note, my son brought candy to school yesterday (the day after Halloween) to share with a boy who is not allowed to go out and “Trick or Treat” due to religious reasons.

I was brought up VERY religious. I believe in God. I believe in all things good… I also think Halloween is NOT about the devil, but about a night where you can go out and get free candy.

I have NO conscious link with Halloween and the work of the Devil. Believe what you want… But I see it as a time to ‘dress up’ in make-believe, and get free candy.

Yep… that’s it. Much like I don’t believe there is a cute girl named iCarly and her friends producing a web show in their apartment somewhere in America – but the show is funny and cute and… I bet the boy’s parents allows him to watch such shenanigans.

It is what you teach your children it is.

Yes, I’ve read the history of Halloween.  And all my life I’ve never connected the DEVIL and Halloween as part of what I believe. Just like I don’t believe in evolution. That being said, you believe what you want to believe and that’s all part of choices.

Parents, send your kids out to have FUN, get free candy on Halloween, and tell them its just a time where people act foolishly and get free stuff.

Leave it at that and leave the Devil stuff to those who want to believe it.

Wow – that kinda took a turn didn’t it?

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