2010 MLB Playoffs – who are you cheering for?

The LA Dodgers were out of this race when Jamie McCourt had an affair with Jeff Fuller. Okay, it’s an ‘alleged’ affair – but the Dodgers didn’t break up their season, the McCourts did: From sketchy bookkeeping, to holding on to a guy that didn’t do anything he said he’d do after being caught using an illegal substance. Mannywood – glad to see you go.

Speaking of Manny – Who is going to sign him next year? The AL? There isn’t a good reason why any team in the AL would sign Manny based on what he has done since he joined the ranks of those juiced up idiots that have tainted the game of baseball.

I digress – its the Playoffs and despite my boys in blue tanking the year, I still love playoff baseball.

Now who’s in and who are you cheering for in the 2010 MLB Playoffs?

There are two staples – two teams that always seem to be in the playoffs. Those two teams are Atlanta and the “Hated Ones”: The Yanks.

I took a good look at Atlanta – they are really an underrated team year after year, and that’s for good measure. They don’t win when it counts – and is this the year it’ll count? Nope.

Now I can root for them, but just looking at them I feel no passion. No fire. No story. So no, I’m not rooting for the Braves.

The last time the Twins were in it it was 1991. And I was cheering for them against the Braves.  And what a great series that was. It would be cool to see a rematch – but its not really a rivalry so who cares right?

Okay, I’m pussyfooting around this for some reason. Lets cut to the chase.

I do not want to see the Yankees in it… again… but that would be a good series to watch. The Yanks (with Steinbrenner passing) against anyone would be a great series to watch.

The Phillies versus the Yanks would draw the most attention, and if that’s the case, then I would cheer for the Phillies.

I’m all for a good series and to me, that’s the eventual outcome – the Phills vs Yanks with the Philly boys doing it again.

The Rangers deserve this one. They pulled the right moves, and played good baseball and boy, would I like to see them in the series. And if they make it, I’ll have to side with them!

The Giants and Cincinnati… yawn. They provide no interest to me what-so-ever – especially the Giants. Anyone in the NL West that play in California other than the Dodgers can suck on it in my opinion. So if they make it, and it is highly unlikely, I’ll be an AL fan for the series – yes, even if it is the Yankees. (gulp – I can’t believe I said that).

The Rays? Well, the Rays are awesome. They are fun to watch – and they deserve another chance after the Phills dominated them two years ago. That is a great rematch and I’m sure the media will be playing it up big time!

So… who do I start rooting for as of today?

The Rays.

Who are you rooting for?

Thanks for taking my poll!

And lets get into the spirit of Baseball!

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