HootSuite Social Media Dashboard

What is a social media dashboard? Well, its a centralized location to manage your Twitter accounts as well as other Social Accounts like FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more.

Do you need to update several social media accounts all at once? Well, HootSuite will let you type in your update, check the accounts you want to update to and bang – done.

If you are like me, I manage several client’s Twitter Accounts. From Martial Arts, Fitness Gyms as well as Network Marketing businesses and blogs. I promise my client to send out their updates on a timely manner. That’s why I use:

HootSuite Social Media Dashboard

With HootSuite, I do not have to log in to Twitter to update one account, log out and log in to Twitter to update another account. I do it all with the HootSuite Dashboard!

HootSuite also has a dedicated app for your desktop so you do not have to use your browser to update statuses. Load the application and update straight from there!

If you have an iPhone – manage your several accounts from the HootSuite iPhone app! Its simple, easy and makes ‘staying connected’ is simple and easy!

One special feature is a ‘scheduled tweet’.

For my Fitness Gym client – they want a tweet to go out to their members at 5:00 am to ‘alarm them’ of Boot Camp at 5:30 am! I’m not going to wake up at 5:00 am every morning to send off a Tweet for someone – but I can set up a scheduled tweet the night, day, or even weeks and months before!

Set the scheduled tweets and forget about them!

If you are simple – and only have a Twitter account and possibly a MySpace and FaceBook account – update all all three with one update!

Just like that your are social networking and reaching everyone in your network with one simple application – HootSuite!

Try it out!

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