Time to clean up my iPhone 4 day

I was smart – I bought the 32GB iPhone 4 knowing good and well that I will be using a ton of space by filling it with Apps from the app store. And now its filled. On my iPhone 3G, I was more careful, knowing I had limited space. But with all the apps I review and recommend on iCreateiListeniPlay.com, I knew I would need space on my new phone! I look at about 10 apps a day, recommending 3 or 4 – and all 10 end up on my iPhone regardless. Now, I have to make “LABOR DAY”:

Time to clean up my iPhone 4 day!

So what’s my iPhone like right now?

The green area – those are the Apps – most I don’t even play.

I have to be careful to keep the apps that my kids love to play so that will be a challenge. I figure, if its not on there, and they are looking for it, they’ll ask – so no big deal right?

Hopefully I can cut most of this down in half! I currently have 9.38GB worth of Apps taking up space and only 4.81GB of free space. Wow. That’s not much for a 32GB iPhone 4 is it?

The best way to do this is through iTunes. That way you can create new folders, move apps around, and delete them when needed.

I’ve done it just by using the iPhone interface, but it takes longer, and is less efficient when moving apps from one place to another. Its actually more frustrating that way.

I also decided to remove a movie to add more space which leaves me with: 9.22 Free Space! I now have more free space than I do apps!

I know there are a ton of apps that I could have gotten rid of, and its like cleaning house – tough to get rid of sentimental value apps!

So here’s how it looks now:

Next thing I need to do – clean the Audio portion to get rid of songs I will NEVER listen to!

Maybe I’ll wait till Memorial Day.

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