My daily iPhone Free App Recommendations?

Every day I check out a ton the free apps for the iPhone. I download them, check the reviews, and try them out. If they are worth their while, I will recommend it on my website: on the page: “Free iPhone Apps (Free Today – Maybe not tomorrow!)

I recommended around 3 apps a day – which, to me, are the best of the best free apps for the day based on my interest. Then I tweet my update and send a status update to facebook. You can follow the website here: iCreateAndiPlay on twitter.

I’m trying to get more subscribers, as well as comments, on my website so if you can, please visit the post:

What do you think of my Free iPhone app recommendations?

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Some of the personal comments I’ve received on text, twitter, or Facebook have been awesome! Some apps that I’ve recommended have gotten tons of playing time by those you downloaded them – and I’ve received comments about being too late for an app that they actually went ahead and paid for it!

Today’s free apps that I recommended are:

Here they are for THIS MONTH…

Meekoo – Free Today (August 18, 2010) Regular $1.99

A VERY challenging puzzle game!

Rotate Gems – Free Today (August 18, 2010) Regular: $0.99

A challenging match 3 game!

EZ Fighter – Free Today (August 18, 2010) Regular: $1.99

A fun shootem-up fighter pilot game.

Some of these games are free for a short while – some may be free for a week – some are free forever. But if you wait, you might find that the game you wanted for free is $3.99. So download them as soon as I recommend them!

Please visit the site and leave a comment on my recommendations! Thanks in advance!

What do you think of my Free iPhone app recommendations?

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