How to use a Flip Ultra HD video camera

My new toy is a Flip Ultra HD video camera. Gone, for me, are the days of mini hd video cassettes because the Flip Ultra HD is here to stay! I mean think about it. Buy a ‘traditional’ video camera and still spend money on mini hd video tapes. That’s extra money out of your pocket which means the expense is always incurred. Then, you have to store the tape or back them up on computer which is tedious: If you have a 60 minute tape, it takes 60 minutes to upload the video. And its all one ‘take’ – as in, the whole video is one long movie so-to-speak.

With a VERY AFFORDABLE Flip Ultra HD video camera, all of the above is like old vinyl records, a VHS machine, and 8 track tape. Some may say: “what are those anyway?” They should be asking: “What’s a Flip and where do I get one?”

Here’s how it goes: “Point and Shoot – Save and Share” That’s it! That’s my Flip Ultra HD motto!

So how do you use a Flip Ultra HD video camera?

Here are the steps – it is as easy as One… Two… Three…

1) Turn your Flip Ultra HD video camera on
2) Point and Shoot
3) Save it on your computer and share!

Even my mom can operate one of these things if she wants – its easier than texting!

Okay, you still have to go through the preliminaries like opening the box and making sure the battery is charged, so make sure you do that.

Charging the Flip Ultra HD means you have to connect it to your computer via the USB port. Charging takes a ton of time for a full charge: 6 hrs. But, if you are smart, you will buy a charge adapter. And I’m going to let you in on a secret: If you buy the Flip Ultra HD at Best Buy, Target, or any other related store, you will be paying alot more than you need.

I bought my Flip Ultra HD here:

It’s where I buy ALL my camera equipment.

The Flip Ultra HD is: $152 and the Flip Video Power Adapter is: $14.49 at Best Buy: $199 and the adapter: $31.99

That’s a huge difference – and of course if you use my above link ‘yours truly’ gets commission on the sale!

Okay, so you have your battery charged (6 hrs on computer USB, 3 hours on a dedicated Flip Video Power Adapter). Now, take your Flip out for a spin.

Shooting and saving your videos on the camera is exactly like a digital camera. Every time you shoot a new movie file is created. You can replay the video on your camera by scrolling through the files – just like a digital camera and UNLIKE a regular video camera. In a a regular video tape camcorder, you will have to fast forward through several minutes of footage to see what you want to see.

Here’s what I love about the Flip Ultra HD – when you are ready to shoot again, just press record! You do not need to fast forward to the beginning of the ‘tape’ to make sure you don’t shoot over something special!

When you are finished recording, and you get 2 Hours of Record time on a Flip Ultra HD, just connect the video camera to your computer via USB, use the software on the camera to install and setup “Flip Share”, select the files you want to download and save the files on your computer!

Easy, painless, and no more hours of waiting to upload video from a traditional video camera!

Use Flip Share or yThe software makes it incredibly easy to organize your movie library, create more movies by editing movies together, adding music, and best of all sharing directly to MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Email or online to your “Flip Channel” which is free!

This movie clip is two files put together with an upload of a music file from my iTunes library. It took me about 5 minutes to put the two files together with music, and about 15 minutes to upload it to Facebook (depending on your internet connection).

It was simple and painless, and as an amateur “Flip Ultra HD owner” I can attest – if I can do it you can too!

Using a Flip Ultra HD video camera is the wave of the future. Even the ‘big boys’ are using these types of storage devices instead of video tapes or film. They shoot and upload video straight from the camera to the computer at HD quality for the movies you watch on the silver screen.

For $150, you can do the same for really good HD quality video AND you don’t need a Director of Photography by your side to set anything up. Just, literally, “Point and Shoot – Save and Share” That’s my motto!

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