Where’s that Book Glenn?

Yep, I ask myself that question all the time. My intent was to ‘start’ writing my book in February. But, this, that, and the other thing seemed to get in the way. New ideas entered my head, other books were planned, and the end result – nothing was written.


Next, I was going to write an eBook on setting up a blog and how easy it is. From step one, to possibly monetizing it if you want.

Then, there was this Fantasy/Sci-Fi adventure book that my old friend Steve and I were going to write together.

And, I was going to write a motivational book inspired by a specific life experience!

Now, I want to write a book on the process I am going through teaching my kids Martial Arts – believe me when they say Martial Arts is a journey – because the journey I’ve taken, the highs and lows, personal conflicts, and head butting with my son is a difficult journey! And, something I want to write about!

So I have all this opportunity to sit down and write, but other things get pushed in front of my goals which creates obstacles upon obstacles and I just don’t get it done.

That being said, I have to take baby-steps, and follow my own success oriented steps in order to accomplish what I originally set out to accomplish.

This is just a reminder to whoever reads my blog, and a reminder to myself on who I am and where my passion lays. So… back on track with plans, goals, and the steps I need to accomplish them!

Thanks in advance for your support.

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