Loving my Flip Ultra HD Camcorder

Is that a Flip Ultra HD Camcorder in your pocket or are you happy to see me? Well, the answer is both! Why, because I can ‘whip it out’ and video tape you! It’s a Flip Ultra HD and it fits in my pocket!

Guess what I got for my birthday? A Flip Ultra HD!

Do I love it? I think I do!

Why? Well, it is what they say it is: The world’s simplest HD Camcorder!

Here’s how it works. Charge it up using your USB connector on your PC, turn it on, point at your subject, press record.

Playback is simple, scroll through your shots and pick the one you want to see and play! To record, just press the record button and start recording! You will never record anything you’ve already shot!

The Flip Ultra HD is 2 hours of video fun. Downloading the video into your computer is quick and easy with the included software: FlipShare, and sharing it on your own FlipChannel or  YouTube, MySpace and Facebook is as easy as a click away!

I have a dedicated Video Camera (about 5 years old) that uses mini-hd video tapes. The hassle with traditional video cameras is the playback, the uploading, and the organization of video clips. With the Flip, each ‘shot’ is its own file. Much like a point and shoot cameras pictures. That way you can create mini movies with organized files. Label each ‘shot’ and edit them together if you want!

For the casual video photographer, just pull it out of your pocket with no worries and shoot those precious moments as they occur!

Here is an example: Oh how joyful life would be if food just goes in your mouth right?

With just decent lighting, the scenes are clear and crisp. You do get what you pay for, and that’s a compact video camera at an affordable price – so don’t expect the greatest video in the world.

And don’t pay the $199 suggested retail price! Get the Flip Ultra HD here: B&H Photo. Or click on the banner below.

I do get commission on the sale so that’s a shameless plug!

I will post some HOW TOs and a more extensive review in up-coming articles. Like: how to post your video to YouTube, MySpace or Facebook – and, how to move your movie into your iPhone! Yes, some good stuff coming up that you will enjoy!

Stay tuned!

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