Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg “California Gurls” Official Music Video HD

I’m not a Katy Perry fan. For some reason, she doesn’t appeal to me. And after her ‘guest judge’ appearance on American Idol, I was even more ‘turned-off’ for the lack of a better word. But here’s the deal – when I’m online and bored, have nothing to write about, and feel there is nothing ‘to do’ on the internet, I got to YouTube. That’s where I came across:

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg “California Gurls” Official Music Video HD

This is how I discover music that I may not know or even music I am familiar with, and suddenly love it. It is amazing how a music video can add more to the ‘like’ of a song than the song itself. It’s that emotional appeal that you get when you put music to visuals. This is why movies create such an emotional impact.

I’ve heard “California Gurls” on the radio a few times – when the kids have a choice of radio station. I have to admit – catchy, but its Katy Perry and immediately I’m in dislike of the song.

Well, today I got on YouTube. Yes, its early to be bored 9:00AM, and on this Monday, I am unmotivated to write anything. Well, I was so frustrated after watching a couple of YouTube videos thinking – what a waste – until I watched
Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg “California Gurls” Official Music Video HD.

At first I didn’t know what it was that made me think – this is really cool. Okay, the big production, hot girls, but then I look at Katy Perry and think – yuck. Suddenly it occurs to me that what makes this video so cool is that Katy Perry used the ‘cool factor’ of all cool factors.

Snoop Dog.

Nobody is cooler than Snoop Dogg! He epitomizes cool. Think Fonzie… The Fonz was cool. The King of Cool in fact. But that was yesteryear – Snoop Dog is TODAY. And let me tell ya – he is damn cool!

I was at the Americana in Glendale, CA a few years ago when the store “Kitson” was completely closed down. A mob of people were outside with cameras, trying to look to see the lone shopper in Kitson. Yes, the store was closed for this one person – Britney Spears.

I can’t stand Britney Spears. None of her videos ever appealed to me so none of her songs ever were tolerable. But she shut down a store to shop, leaving all these fans drooling to get a glimpse of her.  When she walked out – without buying a single thing – she had her posse, body guards, and whomever around her – keep thing fans away. What a disgust.

I walked over to Barnes and Noble to get away from the crowd and when I got on the elevator, there were a group of kids getting autographs from a guy. No body guards, just a guy with his kids – signing autographs and he was cool doing it. Yup – Snoop Dogg…

Here’s a guy, with his kids, with Barnes and Noble bags and signing autographs!

Then there’s Britney – fresh from lip syncing at a venue, FAT, and closing shop to shop and carrying nothing out.

Who has better star status in my opinion? Snoop most definitely. He was with his kids! Where was Britney’s kids? Oh? With the better half! And you know who that is! Kevin Federline – remember him?

I digress… I watched “California Gurls”. Great production, nice theme of Candy Land – which also cool – and to kick it off, Snoop Dogg!

Here is the YouTube official video for your absolute enjoyment!

Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg “California Gurls”

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