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I always love a good iPhone Tip: from creating Ringtones to becoming a better iPhone photographer! I especially love Apps that cost money but I get for free.  And that’s what the website: iCreateiListeniPlay.com is meant to provide – an Ultimate Apple Experience!

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Here are some hot topics:

The Best First Person Shooter for the iPhone 4

If you are a gamer and followed the Halo series on the XBox 360, well, this one will get you into that mode of FPS. Team up and demolish the competition or challenge someone on a one-on-one dual. Either way, you connect with other players, find a match (much like Xbox Live) and have fun seeking and destroying! Continue Reading →

I have a couple of First Person Shooters – and this one, to me, is one of the best as far as controlling your shooter and teaming up ala Xbox Live style.

A definite must for FPS lovers of any kind!

Garage Band Tips How to create Ringtones

If you are one of the fortune people out there, you have a Mac and have all these great software packages
installed and one of these is iLife 09. With iLife 09 you have iPhoto, iMovie
, Garage Band and iWeb. These are all free for people who buy a Mac!

iLife is another reason to buy a Mac. All the software packages fit your specific needs: From photo management, creating movies from your video camera quick and easy, write or create your own mix of music, and build a website dedicated to your niche or just your slice of life.

Well, if you have an iPhone and refuse to pay the extra money to buy a ring tone when you already have song you want to use, then here is a step-by-step guide on creating an iPhone Ringtone with Garage Band. Continue Reading →

5 tips on how to be a better iPhone Photographer

As a beginning photographer, every chance I get I want to compose a great shot! That’s even without my SLR camera – the Canon T1i! There are times I don’t have my camera with me – but I always have my iPhone. And when I take pictures with my iPhone – i think “composition” and “lighting”. Taking great shots with the iPhone starts with great lighting – but that being said, you can get really creative with any type of light! Continue Reading →

People don’t realize, the way they take pictures and compose shots, is like walking around with your DSLR or Point and Shoot and taking every picture with it on its side. Improve your iPhone photography just by reading this article!

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