Listening to iTunes music on your Nook

Okay, you bought the Barnes & Noble Nook handheld eBook reader with the intent to read and listen to music. But you soon discovered that the music you bought through iTunes is not showing up on your Nook when you move the files over. Well, that’s because the music you buy through iTunes is ‘protected’ and is converted to an AAC or M4P file format.

Here’s how to listen to iTunes music on  your Nook!

‘This is not good’ you think. What a rip-off. Stupid Apple. Well, its not ‘stupid Apple’, its their way of protecting themselves and all those people of the illegal download days at bay. It has something to do with DRM and copyrighted materials. Which, your Nook has with their own books – which is why you can’t read Kindle Books and Kindle can’t read YOUR books.

Okay, all is not lost. It is actually just a little bit of pointing, clicking, burning and converting. That’s it.

Nook owners, this is a simple, step-by-step guide on getting your iTunes music on your Nook handheld eBook reader so that you can enjoy reading and listening to music at the same time.

My idea was to read “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy on my Nook eReader. I buy all my music through iTunes so I purchased, “The Fellowship of the Ring” Soundtrack by Howard Shore.

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Let me say, listening to the soundtrack while reading the book is a great experience! I may have to do it with other series like “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and maybe I’ll eventually get through the Harry Potter series by immersing myself deep into the story by listening to the music and devouring the words!

Okay, back to the step-by-step.

Listening to iTunes music on your Nook in 5 easy steps:

1. Buy your music!
2. Burn a CD
3. Convert the Songs to MP3
4. Connect your Nook to your computer
5. Move the Mp3 files over to your Nook

Simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Just plug in your headphones, pick a book, and experience the pleasure of music and words!

1. Buy your music.

Yes, its always a good idea to BUY music and not STEAL music. That’s just a PSA from yours truly.

2. Burn a CD

Select the songs you want (this is not a how to burn a CD step-by-step so I expect you know how to do this).  Click on “Burn Disc” in iTunes, select “Audio CD” in the Burn Settings and Include CD Text so that you will have song names attached to each file. Then Burn the CD!

3. Convert the songs to Mp3

This is the most important step. Your Nook handheld eBook reader plays songs in Mp3 format as do a majority of CD players on the market.

Here’s how to do this:

In iTunes 9, go to iTunes>Preferences>Import Settings> and choose: Import Using: Mp3 Encoder and High Quality (160 kbps).

Select the songs on the CD within iTunes. These are not the songs in the iTunes library, but the songs burned on the CD when you are in iTunes.

Right click on your selection and click on “Create MP3 version”.

This will duplicate songs in your library. You can keep or delete which ever version you want later, but now, you have your songs in Mp3 format.

From here I like to create a folder outside of iTunes. In this case I named it, “The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack” and I selected and dragged all the MP3 songs into this folder.

4. Connect your Nook to your computer

There is a folder in your Nook memory card called, “My Music”. This is where you will place your Mp3 files.

5. Move the Mp3 files over to your Nook

Drag the folder from your computer INTO the “My Music” folder. Now you have a subfolder in “My Music” that holds your MP3 files. In my case, it is called, “The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack” with 18 songs in them.

Now, plug in your headphones and test it out. If you did everything I said to do, listening to iTunes music on your Nook will be a pleasurable experience!

Now, back to Bilbo Baggins and his adventures in Middle Earth!

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