New iPhone 4 Antenna fix for Free!

It’s not “iTape” but it is a ‘free’ solution to your new iPhone 4!

Yes, Apple announced today that if you order a phone through September 30, you will get a free new iPhone 4 case. If you already bought a bumper, you will be eligible for a refund (which I bought). You can get your refund by going to late next week.

Steve Jobs also commented that his and the companies belief is that antenna issues with the iPhone 4 are common to smartphones and that only a very small fraction of customers have reported the issue. Personally, I have no issues and several people whom I’ve spoken with have not seemed to have any issues either.

It is my opinion that the Consumer Reports “can’t recommend” is reasonable – because there is a flaw in the new iPhone 4, but this should not keep any potential owners from actually purchasing the new iPhone 4. The iPhone case will be free as stated (through September 30), and that small upgrade is a reasonable fix. For those who believe they should get a phone in exchange, well, keep dreaming. Nobody is choking on it, or crashing into cars because of it – they are losing reception and there is a fix.

Watching news channels who report taping up the iPhone, in my opinion, seem completely uninformed and ignorant to the phone itself. Yes, it is a flaw, but ‘tape’ to fix the problem? Consumer Reports should have done a better job in offering a fix since they actually offered a solution.

That being said, Apple, hopefully, will address the problem and fix future iPhone models.


Get your iPhone 4 Bumper refund – or get it free!

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